Savaged by the referee!

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In the dominon
Of St James Park
Left Welsh Robbie
Not Peruvian Nobby
Plummeting into dark

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Signalling calm
Sent Robbie collapsing
Though certainly not gentle
T’was totally accidental
That popular pole-axing!


An incident from the Newcastle v Birmingham match,
Saturday 30th August 2003,
when referee Matt Messias pointed for a free but accidently caught
Robbie Savage across the jaw, sending him crashing unconscious to the floor.

An action that many an opponent would love to have got away with – and there were probably a lot of jealous referees too!

Alan Shearer playfully showed the ref a red card.
Robbie got up, cleared his head and played on.

Though a much maligned character, Robbie is actually winning a lot of begrudging praise for his all-action performances this season.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/savaged-by-the-referee/