Top 100 Britons: Late Football Results

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Bobby Moore 2 John Keats 0
David Beckham 4 William Wordsworth 0
Boy George 2 Lord Byron 0
Michael Crawford 3 WB Yeats 0
William Blake 5 Alan Shearer 0
William Shakespeare 7 Stuart Hall 5
Johnny Rotten 1 Basil the Westie 0
WS Churchill 19 Tweetie Pie 0


A small selection of some of the squad and some of the rejected from the interesting list of 100 polled by the BBC. It’s an all white 100 – surely Olaudah Equiano should have been there for a kick off – but there’s a few Celts, they’re not all English. Few women chosen – 30,000 voted through the BBC last autumn. Programmes and voting on the top 10 happen later this year. Very few poets appear in a bizarrely eclectic list – but, hey, we’re all post-modernist ironists now, aren’t we?

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/top-100-britons-late-football-results/