1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 S’funny, how we un-win-so-easilo
De-scribblio, with wobbly wordlio’s
Doesn’t make it any more bearabubbly
And however lovely jubbly
We all felt, after the first legly weggly
The upper oppo, were soon levelly peggly
And apropos the winsome worthless cup
‘Twas out, out, ouch, we jolly well go-go-goch
No need for us to learn, yet another lingo
As we welsh on Cardiff’s invitationation


The sad passing of the Chelsea team this week
When laying down embarrassingly in front of the marauding Spurs
Almost coincided with the even sadder passing of
The talented wobbly wordlio exponento :
Stanley Unwin
His epitaph, proffered by him, in his own words :

“Professor Unlow recitely kindly.
Delivering joyfull roundness on all gathering (sitting quietly-softy),
hanging roundlow. Deep Joy.
Goodly byelode.”

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/unwinese/