Yarn Bomber

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Far better than any stilted tv commentator
who strangles and mangles the skills on display –
as in, the brigand who balls-up: beauty, balance and ballet;
no, this raconteur
tells us of thrills and spills
and wizards on the wing
with wise and witty words that wilfully wash away
the financial filth
of Oligarchs and Sheikhs –
sieving out all the snakes and fakes
and giving us just the pure gold
of goals and glory –
one heck of a telling,
one heck of a story!


Humour me – apparently today (05/03/2021) is National Unplug Day….
Probably just in the USA, but I saw it plugged (geddit?!?) in my daily YDP (“Your Daily Poem” mail list).
So I mentioned it in passing to my wife and eldest son, and then had to explain it….
Which I couldn’t!
So in google mode, my first clickthrough – mentioned London Kaye – influencer & “Yarn Bomber”.
The poet in me immediately pronounced to said audience, that this London Kaye was obviously a trendy facebookedyticketytocketyinstagloryhunter storyteller extraordinaire…..
Turns out “he” is a she who is a crack Crochet connoisseur!
(As in different meaning of “yarn” completely!)

But my misinterpretation gave me my kickstart!
And I wrote this in 2 minutes flat.
Sometimes I enjoy the “quickies” as much as the agonised multi-dozen re-writes!!!
Hopefully, on National Unplug Day in 2022 (after having hugged every person within a hundred mile radius!), I’ll re-read this and re-live the moment!

Keep safe, keep well !

one of my favourite media personnel and raconteur himself –
Ian St John passed away this week –
he’ll be much missed.
I loved watching him as a player, and as a one half of that great double act, Saint & Greavsie.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/yarn-bomber/