If It’s August it Must Be Football Love Poetry Month…

To celebrate the forthcoming new Out To Lunch With Crispin Live
album..The Power of Fluff…two football love poems..for August….

you are like football

you are like football the grace and thrill
you are excitement a beach in Brazil
you are a stadium theatre of light
you are a temple brilliant as night

and you are like football
the way you endure
like flowers in deserts
where rain falls no more

you are a dream team here in my side
bursting with passion and flowing with pride
you are like longing a fan and a friend
you are an artist a song without end

you are a poem a page without lines
you are a dancer in games without time
out on the surface asleep in my bed
you are a football that spins in my head

and you are the final the ultimate sound
a roar or a hush that descends on the ground
you are a heartbeat when time won’t standstill
you are a shoot-out where nerves threaten skill

and you are like football
the way you pass by
a second a moment
a glance or a sigh

but more than some outcome and more than the score
more than the feeling those minutes before
more than your love or your soul or your breath
more than this question of life and of death
here at your feet keep me ever entwined
for you are like football forever thorough time

© crispin 02 – for jennie

you are like football was finally completed this long delayed daft and definitely fluffy poem on receiving requests for football love poems from the British Council- and i guess i wroe it mainly for all long-suffering partners and other halves of long-suffering fans…for football widows and football “lovers and partners” everywhere..but especially for jennie..


this love

this love this love this dream we share
this song i sing this shirt i wear
this game we play these plans we make
this field we plough this chance we take
this aching heart these words i shout
this longing deep within without
the fleeting highs the lowest lows
the way that glory comes and goes

this hanging on this far off goal
this love i feel within my soul
this helplessness when we’re apart
the way you play within my heart
the way we are a living team
who ebb and flow as would a stream
who share these feelings openly
whatever end our fate might be

this love this love this sweet addiction
this bond of hope and contradiciton
this keeping faith when chances fade
in spite of all these games we played
the way we stay upon your side
in fog and snow we tried and tried
to lift you up away or home
to rise above this danger zone

this blinding faith in only you
that clouds my thoughts and all i do
those times away the sleepless nights
this battle long this endless fight
this mighty trust that will not stray
that holds my breath until the day
this promise made this badge i wear
this torch i carry everywhere

this waiting for a tiny sign
that might cement this love divine
remember us in rain and sun
for we are many you are one

© crispin thomas – march 01

A nod to FAN-atical supporters, lovers and teamaholics…composed upon hearing a Radio 5 piece on ‘football-fan’ research carried out at Bristol Uni. Apparently an incredibly high percentage of fans- IN A FIRE- would save their football-programmes first…above all else..think about it?

First appeared on www.footballpoets.org March 01

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2002/08/02/if-its-august-it-must-be-football-love-poetry-month/