Keane v McCarthy

Picture it : the manager and his captain
In the ‘Good Old Days’, in sepia tone
There’d be an old leather ball, a pipe and capstans
Then post war
It’d be a cigar and champers
But bring it right up to date
And you see hate
And enmity
Two pig headed titans
Captain Fantastic, of old, in green, white and gold
And Captain Marvel, of Old Trafford,
too much talk, out of this boy from Cork
This gruesome twosome, acting, like a brace of bulls in a china shop
But it was the Red Devil, who got the Japanese chop
For in order to describe ‘shambolic’
He used too much vitriolic
And now the pair of them, measure up, square up
Like rutting stags, locking horns
But they’ll not see eye to eye

At time of writing, Keane’s autobiography is out in the shops.
And McCarthy’s World Cup Diary is due out soon.
Expect the feud to run and run.
It is, already, a part of Irish folklore (regrettably).

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2002/10/18/keane-v-mccarthy/