Losing sleep : BST

when the clocks go forward …
I wish I could go back in time
that I was still a player
and not just a jouster with rhyme

an annual event
every year’s the same
the clocks advance an hour
and some are late for the game

and one year, that was yours truly
oh the horror! the shame!
to miss even a minutes football –
pure sacrilege – and only me to blame

it peturbed me, throughout my career
the memory of it, used to bring haunting dreams
but time has rolled too far forward
and now I wake, to another generation’s screams

I don’t play anymore.
Can’t. Body’s given up on me, though I have the will.
And the nightmares have stopped.
But I wish I had them still.

one of the perils of Sunday morning football !

dedicated to all my ex-team mates at Hamlyn FC (played at Feltham Park)
I’m ashamed to say I’ve lost touch with them all

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2003/03/31/losing-sleep-bst/