Just a Moment..At Season’s End (Re-Visited)

so how did you end up this season
how was the season for you
all of those hopes and euphoria
what were the things that came through?

did you go higher and higher?
or was it a case of exist
all of those moments wasted and gone
all of those chances you missed

or did you dive down to the depths of it all
down to the end of the line
was it down to the wire in the thick of the fire
did it pass like a moment in time?

and what were the lessons of learning
when was the moment you knew
when did the dream for your own little team
turn into a nightmare for you?

but everything’s only a moment
what was it Brian Clough said ?
“it takes just a second to score a goal”
the next one’s the ball’s in the net

a moment and seasons are over
a moment and all of it gone
no time to ask why – or just how it flew by
but moments like these they go on

and we know that in weeks that old cycle begins
and we’ll get up and do it again
and soon we’ll forget all the heartache we felt
be we children or women or men

and all of it just in a moment
it never makes sense but it’s true
and time just stands still in those moments
so how did they happen for you?


© crispin 03

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2003/06/04/just-a-moment-at-seasons-end-re-visited-2/