Welcome to …. Ralph Dartford

Please excuse my total impartiality here :
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Conscious of the fact that poems don’t get to stay too long on the home page, because of the increasing popularity of the site, I’m going to use this editorial slot to occasionally showcase some of our new talent.

No favouritism is intended. Just a chance for newcomers to shine a little longer.

This week, a warm welcome to Ralph Dartford.

Me and Bobby Moore

Met you in a single carriage
on a late train to Southend.
Just me and you,
the slashed up seats.

You were their manager then.
But you could not cut it.
As if that mattered,
when we passed Upton Park tube.

I saw you first against Ipswich
with Clyde Best.
Six years old with my Dad.
Lifted off our feet in the north bank.

As we approached Basildon,
I plucked up courage
to ask everything.
But I choked.

I was caught offside.

I wanted to ask
about Greavsie,
that Pele tackle,
lifting the cup,
your clothes,

But I didn’t ask a thing.

As I left the train,
All I could do was shake your hand.
That was enough for me
I’d played a blinder.

I woke up my dad.
Told him about you.
He said that you once played in goal
against Stoke City.

He was lifted again.

© Ralph Dartford
A true story about a meeting on a train. Enough said.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2004/04/07/welcome-to-ralph-dartford/