They said it could never be done ….

But done it was
Without any from Oz
Not a single defeat
They drew or beat …
With style and fun
And charming grace
Plus guile and pace
They bettered the lot
Won the pot
With points to spare …
We could only stare
And gasp in disbelief
At how the words of their chief
Could come to pass
Carried off with class
And such will to win …
So now they deservedly grin
And happily chortle
While the rest of us, just deferentially bow, to the immortal

a eulogy to the Arsenal team which won the English Premiership, season 2003 / 2004, without losing a single one of their 38 matches

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2004/05/17/they-said-it-could-never-be-done/