Welcome to …. Lawrence Noakes

Conscious of the fact that poems don’t get to stay too long on the home page, because of the increasing popularity of the site, I’m going to use this editorial slot to occasionally showcase some of our new talent.

No favouritism is intended. Just a chance for newcomers to shine a little longer.

This week, a warm welcome to Lawrence Noakes.
(and commiserations are due too, his team falling at the final hurdle in the First Division playoffs last weekend).

West Ham til I die

Weep for the tortured fans

Enduring pain once more

Stunned by mediocrity

Tear filled eyes grow sore

Hope, like the bubbles, burst when floating high

And yet I stumble onward

Mumbling “West Ham til I die!”

© Lawrence Noakes

Lawrence adds :

Went to buy a ticket
“£300,” said a tout
So went back to watch on tv
And then was pleased I was priced out

Then thought I’d write a poem
Now sending to your site
Thought it summed up nicely
The Hammers dismal plight

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2004/06/04/welcome-to-lawrence-noakes/