Welcome to all the following ….

This week, a warm welcome to a whole host of new contributors, who have all submitted to the site in the last fortnight :

Olly Pearce,
John Dunning,
Michael Lohr (joining us from the USA),
Catherine Moore,
J.D. Murray,
Wilbraham Primary school,
Geoff Cole and
Chuyen (from California).

From all these fine efforts, I’ve selected a haiku from Geoff Cole, plus J. D. Murray’s poem that has been slightly censored (just to remind everyone : gratuitous bad language will probably see a poem rejected); but this also shows we’re not prudes, just mindful of our younger audience.

And a personal note to our younger contributors : we enjoy your poems all the more when you’ve worked hard at your spelling. But we do love to receive your efforts.

And of course, it’s a great pleasure to see yet more of Parry Maguire’s wonderful poems.

Another Euro 2004 Haiku

Cycling: noise behind.
A bird? No, just England flag
Flapping on post-van.

© Geoff Cole 2004

‘Eads An’ V’s

D’you remember ‘eads an’ V’s an’ footy on the Puddy?
Sunny, hazy strawberry-pop fuelled frolics,
Or cloggin up soggy bog, waterlogged an’ muddy
An’ foggy Tuesday evenings, stone cold with frozzen bollix.

Flickin’ up a flyaway, whackin’ it a wally,
Tryin’ a score a b*****d of a Van Basten-esque volley.
Teein’ up a thunderbolt, skyin’ it a mile off,
Toward the iron roundabout what nearly ripped me thigh off.

Three an’ in, sixaside, get an ‘eader on it!
Flung a boot out in the shoot out, ‘it a Peugeot bonnet.
Each car, the underside of bar, nothin’ quite went unblemished,
Surroundings pounded by the ball with every mishit finish.

But nights draw in, ball’s get burst, games get late.
Our carefree kickabouts converted to stalemates.
We grind out goallessness, employ ultradefense, tense, nervy
As our swervy wayward punts drift wastefully away
Over the sideline.
Our game of childhood, deep into stoppage time.

© J. D. Murray

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2004/06/30/welcome-to-all-the-following/