Crispin poem goes for forty quid – Tsunami Auction

Well, we (Football Poets) raised over £4,000 up the local pub last night at the Promises Auction. We had nearly 100 promises – Crispin’s pledge to write a love poem for Valentine’s Day for the successful bidder went for 40 quid; I came in at 50 with the offer of an hour’s conversation up the pub about Victorian social and political history; we weren’t so far behind the offer of signed piece from Damien Hirst; but we were all miles behind the offer of a ton and a half of manure. Many thanks to Lottie up the pub for hosting the event; Trish and Kit for organising the auction; Bill Hicks for being the driving force and main auctioneer and the promisers and bidders up the pub for helping me through my debut as an auctioneer. A great night – thanks to all.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2005/02/06/crispin-poem-goes-for-forty-quid-tsunami-auction/