John Lyall, R.I.P.

To continue a tradition is hard enough
But then, to enhance it ….
John Lyall did just that
And won the ‘earts of the ‘Appy ‘Ammers
Plus many a neutral too

And while they’ll forever be blowing bubbles
At Upton Park, they’ll always hark
Back to a mentor and his successor –
Ron Greenwood and John Lyall, may they Rest in Peace
Ironed into the memories, of the faithful in Claret and Blue

Quote from Trevor Brooking :

“He was a much-loved figure at Upton Park and had a lasting influence on the club’s development and the way the team played.”

“Like Ron Greenwood before him, he encouraged good, open attacking football and all West Ham fans will be deeply shocked by the news.”

“He was a man of great integrity and loyalty and anyone who knew him would have nothing but good things to say about him. ”

John Lyall succeeded Ron Greenwood as West Ham manager in 1974.

They won the FA Cup twice, in 1975 and 1980. They beat Arsenal in 1980 – the last team from outside the top-flight to win the FA Cup.

John left West Ham in 1989. He took over at Ipswich in 1990 and guided them to the Premiership. He retired from management in 1994.

Our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

The Academy Has Closed Its Doors.

The academy has closed its doors
The sombre mood is but the cause
The graduates are still reeling
From the depth of public feeling

He is gone who put them on
The dizzy road to fame
Whilst all the while instilling in them
The beauty of the game

No kick and rush at this school
No cloggers who will maim
The art of sweet simplicty itself
To enjoy and entertain

As East London mourns a gentleman
Who gave young kids their start
How many top stars still playing today
From this man honed their art?

© kjp raymond 2006

John Lyall R.I.P.

Who rose right up through the ranks to become the guvnor at The Bolyn.
(Upton Park)

The famous West Ham academy in East London is where some of London finest young footballers learned their trade with the emphasis always on playing the game the right way to entertain the punters.



Honesty & Lyallty

for honesty and loyalty
with diginity and pride
what more can club or fan demand
from one who’s steered your side?

John Lyall was the business
and I can see those tears
shedding down at Upton Park
his home for all those years

from ‘old school’ to golden rule
for three decades and more
the fifties to the eighties
he left his mark for sure

I always loved his hairstyle too
that throwback swept aplomb
his calmness on the touchline
he learnt from old King Ron*

another master leaves us
another talent goes
another age another page
that’s football I suppose

but honesty and loyalty
such diginity and pride
what more can club or fan demand
from one who’s steered your side?

© Crispin Thomas 06

Shine On.John Lyalll ( 24 February 1940 – 18th April 2006))
…. classic English footballer and manager..

*Ron Greenwood, -under whom John Lyall learned his playing and managerial trade at West Ham.This after signing professional in 1957 and remaining there until 1989! 34 years at one club (he initially worked as a member of the office staff)…

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2006/04/19/john-lyall-r-i-p/