Book review

Sometimes, you just happen to be there
when the postman delivers …
1 – 0 and another FA Cup fairytale story
has fans and aspiring amateurs alike, dreaming of glory …
goals – courtesy of a Royal mailman, or
a plumber plugs the gaps in a leaky defence
a security guard turns guardian of the net
a carpenter shaves the post
a painter brushes the post
a milliner dreams of gaining caps
and a printer …
well, in this case, a printer captures his love of the game, in verse
and not only that, goes on to reminisce in rhyme
about the past, the near present and the time …
but that would be spoiling it –
if you enjoy reading Kevin Raymond on this site
then you’ll enjoy his new book :
There’s More
a collection of Kevin’s own poems – not just some of the footy ones from here
but also covering problems with injustice
and his outlook on life, love and the loneliness of others –
along with a few stinging rebukes at world leaders!

All proceeds from this book go to the Aisling Project –
a charity close to Kevin’s heart.
(Details below on how to get a copy of this worthwhile book)

So, for a tome available by post only –
maybe, just like me, you’ll happen to be there
when the postman arrives
and you hear that exciting weighty plop on the floor
that promises much
and delivers more …

To obtain a copy of Kevin’s collection, send a SAE to the value of 75p and a donation of £10 or more to :

KTP Printers,
37G Princelet Street,
London E1 5LP.

A self-addressed A5 envelope stamped to the value of 75p will take care of P&P.

All books will be sent by return post on receipt of donation and postage. Cheques should be made out to: The Aisling Project.

This project is a charity that supports long-term migrants to Britain.
The Aisling Project website

You can email Kevin directly at :

(I’ve deliberately split the email address, because of spambots) – I’m sure you’ll know where to make the join!

In Kevin’s own words, about the Aisling Project :

I was drawn to the charity because it wasn’t trying to correct people’s lives, it was just offering them a chance to be repatriated if they wanted to. Some of them haven’t been home for more than 50 years.

In Kevin’s own words, about the inspiration for his book :

A lot of what I see today in mainstream society makes me angry, so I find that writing poetry in particular is a good way of releasing that. We can all protest in our own little ways.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2006/10/23/book-review/