Goal Celebration Poems & Football Poetry Workshops

22 Feb
Zidane didn’t Celebrate non humphries
21 Feb In Praise of The Goal Celebration
Crispin Thomas
20 Feb Handshake non humphries

We still have some gaps in Book Week in March . early April and right through 2009 . We run and book Football Poetry Workshops all year round all over the UK. .For info contact
Crispin Thomas: ctm@crispinthomas.orangehome.co.uk
or phone 01453 757376 & 07837 798463

It was great to be invited to run two ‘local’ poetry workshops at Forest Green Rovers FC .Thanks Jim ! We had some wonderful sessions and are hoping to turn the Year 6 Primary school students’ words (on the theme of “Achieving and Playing For Success”.) into a stunning entrance panel to the Study Centre.

I’ve also been back to Wales as part of ‘Read A Million Words’ and head back to Chepstow, Caldicott and Abergavenny at the end of the month and in early March
A mad snowy morning and delayed trains also took me back to King Edward V1 Secondary School in Morpeth, Northumberland for the fifth time for another high energy and hectic three day stint. We had a great time with Years 9 & 11 writing and performing poems on “memory and moments” . On the last day students performed my own self-penned play ‘Burning Black Star’ ( the life of Arthur Wharton, the first ever black professional footballler in the late 1800s) . This, as a beautfully dstracting blizzard fell outside, .It was an anxious but successful slippery drive back though snowballs and settling snow to the station. See you somewhere soon .Stockport for World Book Day and Reading FC or West Bromwich libraries (Hamstead and Tipton) keep on Crispin

W= Workshop G=Gig/Performance PFS=Playing For Success

February 09
3 FOREST GREEN ROVERS FC PFS Study Centre Workshop (W)
11 MORPETH Kevi Artspace Yr 9 & 11 (W)
12 MORPETH Kevi Artspace Yr 11 (W & G)
27 CALDICOTT Comprehensive School Yr 8 (W)
March 09
5 STOCKPORT Cale Green Primary School .World Book Day (W)
12 ABERGAVENNY Comp School Yr 8 (W) Day
13 CHEPSTOW School (W) Yr 8 Day
23 READING FC PFS Study Support Centre.Yrs 6/6 10am-6pm(W)
April 09
28 HAMSTEAD & Central Library 10am -3pm (W)
30 TIPTON & Central Library 10am-3pm (W)
May 09
30 STROUD HIV Aids Benefit Subscription Rooms (G) Evening
October 09
9 PLYMOUTH Central Library .National Poetry Day (Wy)

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EVERTON FC ‘ Making A Difference’ Workshop Review Crispin ThomasSession at Everton FC Extra Time Study Support Centre

FOOTBALL STUFF Crispin Thomas BBC Video Nation (Real Player) Crispin at Forest Green Rovers with Casio and a ball.!

3 INNER GOAL GOAL the poetry of football..a journey in rhyme
by Crispin Thomas

(Illustrated/Paperback) Published by Football Poets Books
ISBN 9780955 737602 £8.99

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“Poems in the street, the ground and the heart, poetry with balls!”
Michael Foreman
“One of the pioneers of football poetry.Who ate all the pioneers”?”
Attila The Stockbroker

“A rhythmic feast for football lovers everywhere both young and old. From rattles and rosettes to women’s football and the trenches, fantasy salaries and racism to mobile phones for goalposts. Spanning fifty years of watching and ten years of writing , Inner Goal is an affectionate and perceptive nod to the People’s Game in verse. A long-overdue and illustrated hard-copy paperback debut from football’s maverick performance poet featuring 75 poems, 65 haikus and hand-drawn illustrations from the author.

Signed first run copies available at 7.99 +pp (£1.51)
Write to:Football Poets ,4 The Retreat, Butterow, Stroud GL5 2LS
(Tel 01453 757376) enclosing address+ a cheque for £9.50 made out to “OUT TO LUNCH ”

National Football Musuem , Preston Tel 01772 908442
Stroud Bookshop , 23 High Street ,Stroud 01453 756646
Made In Stroud, 16 Kendrick Street Stroud 01453 840265

To find out about KICK IT OUT click here
Kick It Out

Show Racism The Red Card
Football Unites Racism Divides
Pioneering Black Footballers
Women’s Football-A Brief History

from Stroud to Morpeth and Plymouth..and from Sutton Coldfied to Mansfield , Long Eaton and Stratford On Avon !

Hi again .Time to subject you to a Workshop day (well 10 days actually!) in the life of a football poet….on the road and on the rails !

I felt it necessary to dispel the legendary Take That / Frank Lampard / Ronaldo / Wannabe Football Poet Laureate celebrity image and myth of limos, riders and executive treatment that it doesn’t entail .

I’m just back from a great school in Sutton Coldfield where I ended up performing with 15 children reading their rhymes and raps for the first time in front of 400 in the main hall . Next stop was an invitation from Mansfield Town FC’s Stags Study Support Centre to work in a local Primary school for World Book Day . We made tiny books and wrote football poems and thoughts for aliens, and for anyone who would listen. In the evening it was a mad dash to Long Eaton where I worked with Jim Sells of The National Literacy Trust and a local puppeteer/story teller for Blokes On Board , complete with a PC and library-equipped bus!” This is an on-going Reading Champions project to inspire “blokes” to go into schools to encourage boys to read .

For two days I was back in Morpeth, Northumberland at King Edward V1 , a thriving and high achieving grammar school where I work with 160 Year 9 pupils. The theme of the two days is ‘Heroes and Villains’, with a strong focus on Martin Luther King . Each student brings in a picture of a hero and villain. Mine were : Roy of The Rovers and Darth Vader. Two groups writing poems on chosen heroes like Alan Shearer, Slash from Guns n’Roses and Martin Luther King to notorious villains who included (bizarrely) Sponge Bob Square Pants, Osama Bin Laden and Hitler. We also created a 15 minute play which we performed in front of 160 pupils about the life of Arthur Wharton ,the first ever black professional footballer in the late 1800’s. Finishing at 3.20pm it was a sleepy two hour wait for my 5.30pm train home to my cottage Then a 4 and
a half hour train journey back to Cheltenham. On finally arriving it’s a
dark and windy 45 minute drive to Stroud listening to Bolton vs. Arsenal in extra time. Rock ‘n Roll!”

The following week found me in Plymouth where I spent 5 days. I worked for Kick Into Reading with around 700 children alongside some great Plymouth Argyle trainers and coaches (Mark and Debbie) and one director (David) Football poems , riddles, games and stories all week-long in Plymouth libraries.

When you start to link in as a one-off visitor with the intricate daily workings of modern schools, prisons, libraries, football grounds and study support centres the timetables, paperwork and lesson plans never fail to surprise . As a result I now involve no paperwork in the setting up of my workshops , in the effort to leave as small a football poetry footprint as possible and to stay as carbon free as possible. To this end, I go everywhere by train which is often veryearly and incredibly stressy , but far more relaxing than dnving .`The workshops are run on fun lines. All I want to do is inspire, from getting students thinking , writing and reading to getting up and performing work with gusto in front of their giggling mates and just having fun with words. I like sending myself up, and love making the kids laugh (at me), my silly poems, and to make them think a little deeper and laterally maybe. I want them to take the time to compose stuff on their own and then wax lyrical. To think and feel in the words of Catherine Tate..”I can do that ”

For the younger ones, we usually kick off with an action football poem or song that everyone can join in on, and I’ll do some stuff of my own . We use PowerPoint images to highlight any and everything to do with football. We are there to explore football , to write poems as a group and individually. One hour school based lessons are a mad rush, and I prefer longer with each class for quality, but however long , we always somehow get there. We always include a spontaneous group poem on the flip chart or white board (or blackboards in Porto) and usually leave about 15 minutes to perform them all. Here’s a poem I wrote on the way home from Morpeth opposite some bloke who got on at Leeds and kept snoring. It’s about my first ever Cup visit to Middlesboro FC. Allegedly! Go well! Crispin

15 Feb Down By The Riverside Crispin Thomas

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