A welcome in September and October 2009

In September and October 2009, we welcomed the following new contributors to this site :

Margaret Mitchell
Reece Sparks
Darren Kelly
Phil McNulty
(not sure if that’s the same Phil McNulty – BBC online Football journalist, whose blogs I/we enjoy).

And from the Model English School, we welcome :

Rohan Bendre

Click on the names above to see that person’s poem(s), or browse some selected first efforts below :

Football Crazy

A winding snake of footballs rank and file
All in one colour. All singing one song
Fans surging forward. In crocodile style
invisible forces, convey them along

Strong with belief that this time they’ll win
They enter the fortress ready to fight
Excitement orgasmic, or something akin
The stadiums packed a wondrous sight

Well, the day has been good and the match was close run
But we all leave subdued ‘cos the other team won!!

© margaret mitchell

Terrace Menace

Near post. Well in- Go on ref.
Well in. Good ball-To his feet.
Good ball. Face up- Run them back.
Face up. Again- Bring it out.
Again. Go on- Pass inside.
Go on. Own time- Flag’s up ref.
Own time. Nice one- To his head.
Elbows. Book him- Referee!

Book him. Get off- Go home ref.
Get off. Man on- Push them out.
Man on. Hold him- Play it back.
Hold him. Get up- Come on Sean.
Get up. Handball- It’s a foul.
Handball. Book him- Flag’s up ref .
Book him. Heads up- Push them back.
Heads up. Come on- Referee!

Come on. Our ball- Come on Port.
Our ball. Well in- Come on Port.

Go on Smithy – On your own.
Go on Boothy- Not that way.
Come on Yellows- Go on lads.
He’s well offside- where’s the flag?
Get off liner- Come on Port.
Obstruction ref- What was that?
Get up Nancy- She’s not dead.
Get up Snow White- Referee!

Wake up yellows- Have a dig.
Have a go lads- One of you.
Come on liner- Well out there.
Nice one liner- Our ball lads.
In your own time- Push them out.
Come on Danny-Well in lad.
Well in. Nice cross- Come on boys.
Penalty ref- Referee!

Come on. Our ball- Come on Port
Our ball. Well in- Come on Port

© Phil McNulty

one nil down

Love is wearing ruby red across your chest

When the sea of blue waves across at you in jest

To find your voice when all around you feigns death

To hear the supportive roar with your every breath.

To taste the onions in the air

Reminds you life can be one big fun fair.

Superstition and prayers surround the ground

It’s a pity the ref is as blind as renowned!!

© darren kelly 29.10.09

Was completed after man utd went one nil down at city.

Football Mad

I love football because it makes me happy
I love football because i get to play with my mates
I love football because it gives me a challange
In the football stadium they open up the gates

All the players on the grass
Hurry hurry quickly pass
All the attackers scoring a goal
The opposing team shoot and hit the pole

All the fans shouting around the pitch
All the players whizzing like a witch
When its half time its time to rest
Which team will be the best

Its nealy time to end the game
Which team will win and get the fame
Look at the players doing their skills
I just think that football is brill

© Reece Sparkes

this is my first poem about my favorite sport

Soccer Match

there comes a match
everyone wants to catch
here goes the whistle
every player on a mission
5 minutes gonne nil nil
the game is locked
but no-one frowns
in the 10th
there comes the moment
as a player scores from a dribble
in the 30th
more fun ahead
as they are awarded spotkick
rejoice everywhere
as experts say
what a match!

© rohan bendre

this poem describes the importance of ans and the role played by fans in the sucess of their team.

Editor:Thanks Rohan.Edited it slightly for you.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2009/11/02/a-welcome-in-september-and-october-2009/