Your Team In February Poems

February thoughts on the terrible football tragedy in Port Said, Egypt involving Al Masry and rivals Al Ahly and
more of your poems on matches and all things football about :
‘Arrygate’, Barcelona, Bolton, Cardiff City, Celtic, Coventry City, Crystal Palace, Druids United ,’Englandgate,’ ‘Everagate’, Everton. ‘Fabiogate’, FAgate, Glasgow Rangers, ‘Handshakegate’, Ipswich Town, Ivory Coast, Liverpool, Messi, Man City, Man United, Middlesborough, Newcastle United, Norwich, Notts Forest, St James Park, ‘Suarezgate’, Sunderland, Terrygate, ‘Tevezgate’, Valencia, Wolves and Zambia..

26 Feb The Gerrard Final Emdad Rahman
23 Feb Humble Pie or Bitter Pill jim dolbear
21 Feb On the road again kevin halls
21 Feb Cockney in the Toon John Oliver
21 Feb Wembley (26/2/2012) Mike Bartram
20 Feb Messi and Messier Christopher T. George
18 Feb Druids United Dachlan Cartwright
15 Feb Moyesie’s PeopleDachlan Cartwright louis spence
13 Feb The Handshake That Never Was Clik the mouse
13 Feb Premiership guns cost Ivory Coast Emdad Rahman
11 Feb Meet me at the turnstile Alan McKean
11 Feb Red alert! Emdad Rahman
11 Feb S-purrs stalemate on Suarez return Emdad Rahman
10 Feb Contract Alan McKean
10 Feb Wanted For The Job Nobody Wants kevin raymond
10 Feb Note to the FA S B Ingle
10 Feb Farewell Hello O Fabio? Crispin Thomas
09 Feb Bye Bye Fabio kevin halls
09 Feb Revolving doors Clik the mouse
09 Feb North East Cup Kings Khadim Hussain
08 Feb Middlesbrough vs Crystal Palace Khadim Hussain
06 Feb Loving the Snow kevin halls
05 Feb Saturday Ritual Jimmy Whelan
05 Feb Fallen Heroes Jimmy Whelan
04 Feb Thank God Khadim Hussain
04 Feb Liverpool Love Poem PMaguire
04 Feb Finally Alan McKean
04 Feb Messi P Maguire
02 Feb Stampede Clik the mouse
02 Feb Egypt – A Black day for football Emdad Rahman
30 Jan Blood at Molineux Emdad Rahman

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2012/02/27/your-team-in-february-poems/