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Italy stand strong ~ Day 18 Euro 2020 haiku

Italy stand strong

who can stop a team reborn

raised by Mancini

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Belgium Proceed ~ Day 15 Euro 2020 haiku

Belgium proceed

Thorgan Hazard with a peach

dethrones Portugal

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Day 7 Euro 2020 haiku

now well in the mix

early scares are put to rest

As Ukraine edge on


in a wall of sound

Austria are rolled aside

By a strong Oranje


with emotions high

Belgian class the difference here

as Denmark stand tall

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Russia v Belgium.

Number one in The World, Belgium
Putin in a workmanlike shift
To out mussel a dire Russian eleven
Martinez, realizes a problem exists…
“We need to talk about Kevin?”

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WC2018 Day 24 : 3rd/4th

Third or fourth
Does it really matter?
Should it matter?
For there is no head-upon-a-platter
For failure

Then what of the prize money?
I’m not being funny
But there is only 2 million FIFA shekels
In the difference

As to the game:
Southgate tinkered, Martinez went for the max;
Belgium had more attacks
And more goals
Than Albion’s tired souls

England’s Rose caught asleep at the wheel
And allowed Meunier to steal
And convert Chadli’s expert cross;
Les Diablo Rouges, continue to boss
The first 45.

Second half is better for England
But they let in a 2nd goal
A nightmare scene
When Hazard cuts across Phil Jones
Mirroring Trump’s faux pas with the Queen!

Off with his head!

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Belgium 2-0 England ~ Nuff Said

when we pause we know
like some epic video
we have far to go

games like this are hard
damage limitation time
with a stronger foe

meaningless to some
I know we’d have taken fourth
at the very start

in the end we tired
driven on then driven home
by a classy side

chances far and few
we looked empty early on
brigher later though

littel to see here
from our still emerging team
so much more to come

lots of lessons learned
Belgians realy look the part
we’ll be back …’nuff said

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Awesome Belgique take third

Belgium 2-0 England

Thomas Meunier put Belgium ahead
Sliding in ahead of Danny Rose
With only a mere four minutes in
It seemed the whole team had froze

England had chances to square
Alderweireld clears from Dier
Harry Maguire heads wide
By then the boys had lost their fire

Eden Hazard wraps it up
By then the Reds were spurred
Got the better of Jones to beat Pickford
Well done Belgium on third

14 07 18

© Emdad Rahman

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Penultimate Day In The Play.

Belgium’s best side for ages land third place
“It’s Coming Home”, Ingerland a creditable fourth
ITV – for me – hands down land the punditry crown
For the match of the tournament thus far…I’d say
…Keano v Wrighty…of course
Mind you, having said that…Keano v Bilic wasn’t too far away!

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Mbappe Burns Bright -Les Blues Final Bound

France 1-0 Belgium

on a Summer’s night
promising so much in class
two great sides lock horns

in among such stars
like some Winter Russian sky
Mbappe burns bright

Red Devils impress
Hazard bursts and weaves in vain
til Umtiti strikes

tight as tight can be
one sweet set piece is enough
to see Les Bleus through

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Post France v Belgium.

A sharp street-wise kid
Shows The World he’s the biz
Belgium flatter, deceive, then fade out
Though a set piece wins a close game
Kyllian Mbappe’s the name
Mesmerized French fans are raving about.

Possessing bewildering pace
This electric French ace
Hides a cute trick or two up his sleeve
How did a mere kid execute
The sublime through ball to Giroud
We witnessed yet still can’t believe?

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