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5 April, 1902
Scotland one
England one
Match unfinished

9 March, 1946
Bolton Wanderers nil
Stoke City nil
Bolton win two nil on aggregate

2 January, 1971
Rangers one
Celtic one

11 May, 1985
Bradford City nil
Lincoln City nil
Match abandoned after forty-two minutes

29 May, 1985
Juventus one
Liverpool nil
Juventus win the European Cup

15 April, 1989
Liverpool nil
Nottingham Forest nil
Match abandoned after five minutes

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Play Up Sky Blues

First game of season
it feels great to be back home
amongst fellow fans.

Supporters singing
the atmosphere electric
a sea of sky blue.

First half to Forest
they score the opening goal
a good one as well.

City leave it late
but draw level near the end
away team pressured.

In injury time
the home side score a second
supporters go nuts.

Three points on return
we’re back home in Coventry
so play up Sky Blues.

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He’s got a Pineapple on his Head

In the Forties and Fifties footballers
looked like the thousands who watched
from the terraces. Short back and sides;
and Billy had a quiff.

In the Sixties and Seventies styles changed,
players set trends and the crowd followed,
to the barbers for the latest trim;
and something for the weekend.

Georgie had a Beatle cut,
Bobbie had a comb-over,
Kevin had a perm.
Everyone’s hair grew longer.

In the Eighties Chris sported that mullet,
the Nineties saw the Mohican, World Cup
Romanians went peroxide, and Jason
had a pineapple on his head.

Since the Noughties football wages
have soared. Premier League millionaires
enjoy lifestyles far distant from fans,
boast hairdos to match.

Colours, styles, shapes and lines
that even those sat in corporate boxes
struggle to copy because of maintenance
costs or dress codes.

Now Gareth has a man bun,
Sadio has dyed lines,
Ayoze has a pompadour.
But anyone can taper, fade.

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30 Years Ago ~ 15.4.89-15.4.19

tears still fill our eyes
for those souls lost needlessly
on this very day ~

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