A Football Fan’s New Year Resolutions

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 1. To stop smoking, especially in the no smoking area.
2.To stop drinking, especially in the no drinking area.
3.To stop making hand gestures to away fans.
4. To stop making hand gestures to some home fans.
5.To stop making hand gestures to the referee.
6. To clap my team off the pitch, even when they’ve been thrashed.
7.Stop saying my gran could do better, she couldn’t.
8.Stop saying my Grandad could do better, he can’t, he’s dead.
9. Stop saying the away team won’t score, because they usually do.
10.Don’t boo your team, especially before the kick off.
11.Give them a chance, leave it for about ten minutes.
12, Buy a programme, stop picking one up off the floor at the end.
13. Buy your clubs new shirt, stop wearing one from ten years ago,
14. Buy an adult ticket, you won’t get in on a kids one.
15. Stop putting in rude words to to your clubs songs.
16. Remember, there are women and children present.
17, Don’t kick a beach ball onto the pitch.
18,You know you will never see a goal scored like that, will you ?
19. Only hug your mate “after” a goal is scored, not before.
20. Finally, when she asks you….
” Is football all you ever think and talk about ? ”
Be honest, look her in the eye, and tell her the truth, and say


Happy New Year to you all, and a great second half to the season.
Thought I’d write down a list of resolutions, some are true, some are not, but I bet a few fans have been guilty of at least a couple ?
My club, Cov City, are still in the Cup, if we beat Pompey in the replay,
we face Sunderland in the next round, great incentive then.
Good luck to Crispin’s Forest Green, rooting for them !

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/a-football-fans-new-year-resolutions/