Just Go !

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unfit owners it’s time to go,
just leave our clubs alone
as they sink further down below.
Enough is enough
inadequate owners there’s the door,
and never ever come back
as we can’t take this anymore.
Enough is enough
incompetent owners you’re a disgrace,
and some haven’t got the decency
to even show their face.
Enough is enough
bungling owners go elsewhere,
as all you’ve brought is misery
anguish,upset,and despair.
Enough is enough
pathetic owners you know what to do,
keep well away from football
as you haven’t got a bloody clue !


I’ve toned it down but this is for all the fans of clubs who are being dragged down by rubbish owners. They come into our clubs with no background in football and many just don’t understand what our clubs mean to us.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/just-go/