Mr Mundungo

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Mr Mundungo used to be
A positive and peaceful man.
He was always spoken about well
Helping others whenever he can.
He was very fond of people
And children especially
And he was highly regarded as
A pillar of the community.
But now he is a hermit,
He won’t even answer the door,
But what has made him change from
The man he was before?
Well it all happened when he volunteered
To manage the local kids football team
He thought the children of the team would
Hold him in some esteem.
Oh but how wrong he was,
He soon realised when he begun
That the kids of the local team
Have respect for no one.
They greeted him on his first day,
With a spider on his chair.
The training sessions were awful,
As nobody was there.
They ignored his instructions,
He wasn’t listened too,
They’d much rather play practical jokes,
Than do the things he wanted them to.
And to top it all off
The team couldn’t win a game
All the parents of the kids
Would always lay the blame
On Mr Mundungo,
I know it isn’t fair
But this was what they did
And they didn’t seem to care.
Then there came the moment
That he couldn’t take any more.
He walked out and entered his house
And then he shut the door.
He’s very rarely opened it
At all since that day.
And who could blame him?
Well I don’t anyway.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/mr-mundungo/