Olympics 2012, day 1

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And for Team GB, the ladies have a winning start
Skill in abundance and willing engines aplenty –
Porsche provides a work of art


Portia Modise scores for South Africa vs Sweden, from almost the half way line.
The commentary sounded like ‘Porsche’.

The North Korean women’s team took great offence (justifiably so) when the scoreboard video showed their team profiles alongside the South Korean flag!
They left the field and only returned to play an hour later when the error was rectified.

First day Results:
Team GB 1-0 New Zealand
USA 4-2 France
Japan 2-1 Canada
Sweden 4-1 South Africa
Colombia 0-2 North Korea
Cameroon 0-5 Brazil

This won’t be a daily diary, just selected matches (attending the Men’s Bronze medal match)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/olympics-2012-day-1/