On excluding black bosses…

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For Political Correctness has us minding more than our manners
Throwaway lines soon turn into banana skins;
There I was about to use an over-ripened fruit of that ilk
To chromatically caricature within this meandering metre;
But then again I am sensitive to the image of association
Whereby that bendy produce is synonomous with
A far from anonomous myth;
That ex-players of a coloured persuasion
Could never be in charge of an occasion
Of two teams meeting, however fleeting
With a particular person in command;
We must buck the trend and demand
That the best person for the job
Isn’t always the one with the biggest gob
Who happened to play for the right team
And who’d be considered – when stirring – as less coffee and more cream;
No, we should both want and wish
That when we catch the biggest fish
It’s not the colour of the scales that weigh mighty
That the job doesn’t automatically go to the whitey
And that the proposed candidate most saleable
Is unashamedly the best person available


Inspiration? – – – Sir Les

With an attitude like this, he sure will be :

Les Ferdinand, who scored 382 league goals during his career, says he is determined to pursue a career in management and perhaps become a role model for prospective black coaches.

“I’m doing the badges and getting the qualifications – I want to be prepared,” he said.

“I don’t want a job because it’s the politically correct thing to do. I want it because I’m the best person available.”

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Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/on-excluding-black-bosses/