1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 We sat in Shed
Long after Ted
And shared a doozledog
The air was grey and sickly
With choking London smog
Was game still on
Had half time gone
And where was Bovril board
No half time Evening Standard
Or scores on white blackboard???
You couldn’t read the programme
Much less see the goal
Had Frankie Blunstone put one
Past Tony Macedo
Was Johnny Haynes out on the wing
Was Tambling in attack
Was the cultured Ken Shellito
Playing at full back
I’d really like to tell yer
What it was I saw
But the game was postponed
And we were shown the door
Said London smog caused called off dogs
And people bunking in
And those who payed
To get in to watch?
We couldn’t see a thing!!!


A doozle dog was a twelve inch hotdog!!! Awesome!

Stamford Bridge had a dog track around it in those days!

You used to get a paper in the interval with the half time scores in it and the full time ones in the Evening Standard late night extra came out at five-o-clock with cool match reports, how did they print it so fast?

I vaguely remember a black or white board going round the pitch with sweepstake numbers and the half times on them!

Ah halcyon days long gone!!!



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/postponed-2/