Kick It Out Rap

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 there has to be a space – there has to be a place
for ev’ry single member of the whole human race
but it starts in the playground – it starts as just a lark
it end up on the journey home-it ends up in the park
it ends up on the playing field -in the rain and thunder
sometimes you hear it-but you’re totally outnumbered
word up – be a beacon be a light
speak out – let your football burn bright
word up -rap the culprits in the eye
kick it out – time for racism to die
word up

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 you can sing it you can wing it – you can act it out in class
you can trap it you can rap it – before the feelin’s pass
speak out – put it down upon the page
no doubt – life’s a stage..and this rage ..
we can erase it – -if we face it
word up -rap the culprits in the eye
kick it out – time for racism to die
word up

3 Leave a comment on verse 3 0 you know-no-one has the right to abuse any other
no one has the right- be they stranger or brother
no one has the right to bully or to yell
but no one should be frightened to be the one to tell
but twenty years ago – and if your face was black
if you stood out on the footie-pitch – they’d be on your back
but take a look around you – from Africa today
great players everywhere- we love to see them play
and this world is changing – ya feel it coming through
and maybe lifes’s a lottery but football dreams come true
and who knows this time an Asian tomorrow
when one come through i said the rest will follow
word up -rap the culprits in the eye
kick it out – time for racism to die
word up


Couldn’t beleieve that Emil Heskey got hurled racial abuse in Spain the other night…allegedly? In the meantime…we want some poems about racism in football.. something we and Kick It Out feel very strongly about…so watch this space for football poems by school-children and your good selves on a theme of kicking racism out of foootball..

this poem was originally written and performed for the Kick It Out/Word Up Football Poetry event in Bradford during the World Cup this summer gone…now re-earthed for Black History Month and an exciting project which Stuart Butler has wonderfully instigated involving football poetry in schools on the same theme..with thanks to Piara and Zacia at Kick It Out www.kickitout.org who work diligently towards kicking racism out of football…and by the way the Asian angle is to highlight the current lack of any Asian players in any of the professional flights….albeit three up-coming youngsters are highlighted on the kick it out site..check it out..one a budding female and one who has already played at u-16 level for England!

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/rapping-away-the-hate-on-kicking-racism-out-of-football-in-verse/