Reasons why you can

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Ok, so we’ve lost Rooney and perhaps even Owen.
But why should that, stop optimism from growin?
Why, who else could top Peter Crouch?
(Perhaps Jan Koller? I’ll have to google before I can vouch)
And then Jermaine Defoe – wriggling like a fish
Heading for the net – fulfill our collective wish
Frank Lampard, raiding like a stormtrooper
He’ll not miss, there’ll be no blooper
And Stevie G, coming off the back of a successful season
Just one of many, who could be the reason
Like Paul Robinson, the best #1 by a mile
But he’d better stay fit, or else Calamity will rile
And JT, the potent Chelsea colossus
Hopefully a scourge, to the Scolari proboscis
Alongside, the competitions best sweeper
As long as Rio, can keep away from the reefer
At full backs, both Neville and Cole
Will tussle and fight and do more than stroll
Backing up their widemen, Joey and Beckham
Raising the spirits, from Penrith to Peckham
And from Premiership to Conference, yes Nationwide
There’s every good reason, to get behind this side!

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 And to a man, we’ll pin our hopes
We’ve seen them so often, climb off the ropes
Winning ways, are more than achievable
If we do more than dream, of the unbelievable!


Inspired by ‘Reasons for Winning’ by Roger McGough

Of course – I should’ve checked the squad before I posted this up – Sven, you cannot be serious! What the blue blazes is Hargreaves doing in the squad? And 2 untried youngsters? (I really hope they do well).

But I wonder – does the outgoing manager really give a damn?

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/reasons-why-you-can/