Subbuteo Playing Primates

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Whilst eating Irish Stew,
Said, ‘I think I’ll play Subbuteo today.
Although playing by one’s self
Is bad for one’s Health
“For 2 or more” the instructions clearly say.
So when I’ve finished this stew
I’ll know what I’ll do
And I believe it is the best decision
I’ll contact a Chimpanzee
I know who lives in Dalkey,
I’m sure he’ll provide excellent opposition.’

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OK, so this is not a football based poem, rather a table football game-based poem…

But I thought it might still fit here… I have just finished writing a collection of verse about strange and nonsensical creatures to be found in Dublin… None of them are football based except this one (very loosely)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/subbuteo-playing-primates/