The ballad of Bolton Wanderers

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 MacFarland and Todd were the pair at the top
Their efforts I’d say, were a spectacular flop
Bungling ineptitude were words that sprang to mind
As to the foot of the table, we were speedily consigned
Some of the team performances almost defied description
A good dose of team spirit, would seem the best prescription
Now they, that were two, are now only one
Todd has stayed and MacFarland has gone
Ian Porterfield has come to coach the side
Perhaps he can instil, some much needed pride
Recent team efforts, have shown a marked improvement
A few more points won, should give some upwards movement
Concedeing late goals, so many times, has been so self destuctive
A few clean sheets. I’m sure, will be for us, more points productive
Sasa Curcic in midfield, has proved a revelation
Every time he has the ball, you can feel the expectation
But a striker who can score some goals, is still urgently required
To restore us to the team, the pundits, last year, so admired
Attack must be our best defgence, let’s make the games exciting
And if at last we must go down, at least let’s go down fighting

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-ballad-of-bolton-wanderers/