The Bard and the Beautiful Game

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Hamlet planning in defence
The best way to attack
Macbeth with blood and thunder
And his missus on his back
King Lear he blames the weather
Whilst his girls they just swap sides
Hal scores 4 for Hotspur
As John Falstaff sets up 5
Richards 2 and 3 they plot
And push attack with force
Nursie spots a chink or two
With her boots as sharp as swords
Watch out for Iago
Cos he fouls and traps with lies
Whilst Romeo is lost in books
And luuurve and deepest sighs
Shylock measures options
But sweet Portia has him licked
Othello’s wracked with self doubt
But that Puck’s a bag o’ tricks
Yorrick “Off me ‘ed son”
As Macduff he lays one on
Brutus covers Caesar’s back
A quick “Et Tu” then gone
Oberon is magic but
King Duncan’s lost the ball
Gloucester plays a blinder
Edmund’s whipping up a storm
Nick Bottom scores with fever pitch
A certain style he has
Tho’ Titania now sees through him
And she sniffs “He’s just an ass!”


A Boss not Base football player the Bard.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-bard-and-the-beautiful-game-2/