To Mr Souness and the Toon Two.

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Some years ago
By a wise man
Who hailed from Wigan
‘ When you find yourself
Deep down in a hole
The best thing to do
Is stop digging!’

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This just gets worse. My son has just called me in to watch this debacle
on the telly and it would be reallly funny if it was’nt so serious!!!

Six weeks wages? Peanuts to the likes of the pair of them!

Souness has lost the plot, I quote” they, the boys phoned each other over the weekend and had a good laugh about it!!!”

I’m sure the Toon boys who paid good money to watch what went on in Saturdays match had a good laugh about it as well? NOT!!!



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/to-mr-souness-and-the-toon-two/