To What’s Here Within My Heart!

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I don’t do celebrations in the street
Or visit ground in summer
I love the ground and love me team
The rest of its a bummer
I go to stadium to watch the match
Not visit superstore
I don’t do expensive restaurants around the place
As programme ads implore
The game is what I’ve come for
The emotion and the craic
If you try to sell me something else
Me money I’ll want back
Keep your village and yer credit cards
Expensive cars and wine
Give me back my football team
I want it all its mine?
Yer posh gym club
Yer psuedo pubs
Are for mockney lads and suits
If ground burned down tomorrow
D’yer think they’d give two hoots?
I don’t want to own an executive box
Its not something that I’ve planned
To be stuck inside a perspex block
Without real football fans
So take yer gifts and shove them
Where the sun don’t shine
I want my team with all me mates
Its everything its mine
Remove my name from mailing list
After I’ve bought me ticket
You’ve sent me so much junkmail this year
I could have grown a thicket
I don’t want to own a mobile phone
Or visit Marrakech
Whats all this to do with football?
I’ll hazard you one guess!
Keep your dough
And let me know
What time the next match starts
Anything else is immaterial
To whats here within my heart!!!


Just got me season ticket re-newal! Are my team a bank or a travel agent or maybe an insurance company? As Steve Burkenshaw said as he was leaving Spurs a few years ago ‘there used to be a football club here once upon a time’ makes yer think don’t it?



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/to-whats-here-within-my-heart/