WC2014 Day 21 Rest Day

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Alongside football, FIFA has been holding
a most exciting World Cup of arm-folding,
a fringe event that is enjoyed by millions,
not only the arm-folding-mad Brazilians.
Eleven are selected from each nation
to undergo a stern examination.
Each player must perform a quarter turn
to gaze out of the telly, looking stern,
and then, maintaining this considered frown,
resisting innate instinct to look down,
They have to fold their arms in perfect style
before the next participant (sans smile)
appears in the following camera shot
eager for perfection, like as not.
Points are given out for speed and grace
and keeping smirks and giggles from one’s face.
It’s quite akin to dressage in showjumping,
though horses don’t contend with elbow bumping.
England were among the first to go –
they turned okay but folded arms too slow.
Messi’s demonstrating speed and rhythm
but can he bring the Argentinians with him?
Brazil, it seems, are slowly coming good
and folding arms the way that champions should,
Some have barely got their elbows bent
when finding that their moment came and went.
And why, in folding arms, some players’ hands
end tucked in armpits, no-one understands.
Most will fold their left arm over right,
to their and their supporters’ great delight,
though several have become extremely deft
at tucking in their right arm over left.
Oh yes, the competition’s hotting up
to see who’ll win the World Arm-folding Cup.



I hope they have this in other countries, not just Ireland, or I’ll look pretty stupid!

Editor’s note:
you couldn’t look stupid if you tried!

Brilliant pick up and execution, as ever…. really enjoying the tournament through your assiduous eyes!

And I’m sure every one else is too.


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/wc2014-day-21-rest-day/