What A Comeback !

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Will the Sky Blues come back
three down and on their way out ?
but hang on they’re turning it round
the City are in with a shout.
Its now all level at 3-3
us fans are all up on our feet,
this team we love and support
never know when they are beat.
Then the Sky Blues go on the attack
Hadji Wright is on the ball,
Torp arrives and pokes the cross home
but hang on there’s a VAR call.
They’ve only gone and disallowed it
we stand there in total disbelief,
given offside what a joke
United breathe a sigh of relief.
It goes to a penalty shoot out
my nails bitten down to the quick,
United win it in the end
which leaves me feeling sick.
But what an effort by our team
Coventry City are on the way up,
I’m so proud of each and everyone
and it’s still been a great FACup!


What a brilliant performance by our players at Wembley on Sunday. We went through all the emotions throughout the game, and it left me exhausted at the end. Looking back at the VAR decision given as offside was unbelievable, as Wright was onside and level.
But as dissapointed as I was I’m still proud at their fighting spirit and we took a Premier League side to a penalty shoot out.
Back to League football tomorrow night and we’ll all be there cheering them on no matter what happens.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/what-a-comeback/