What Price Loyalty?

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 As the sky turned red
Loyal words were said
In a moment of such passion
All is now forgotten
From your idol as is their fashion
You’ve ordered shirt
You now feel hurt
You feel he’s led you on
As he signs for highest bidder
He will soon be gone!
Sell your soul, go on go!
Don’t speak to us of love
£ signs are your Goddess
She’s all, your cooing dove
We thought that you were staying
You had us going there
Was it just pure fallacy
And you didn’t really care?
Every man has his price
At least thats what they say
But the price of loyalty itself
Is cheapened every day
In what was hell
You told a tale that spoke
Of staying here
Better to have said nothing
Than raise hopes that disappear!
You’ve all you need
Can one man’s greed
Be allowed to dictate terms
Where managers are worried
To sell stars and be spurned?
You’re not the first and certainly
You will not be the last
To think that money is all, it’s everything
Such thoughts are made of glass!


He’s all starting up and rearing to go as the poem says. Yer idols, one day you love em, the next day who are yer? As the re-gurgatated Pink Floyd sing “Money its a drag” it is when you’ve shed loads of it and can-not possibly need anymore of it, isn’t it?

How much money can one man need and will he be happy, wherever he goe’s? This is a generalisation of the whole lot of them and not just one person, by the way!



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/what-price-loyalty-2/