1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Boy oh boy, what neck, what gall
To see you standing there so tall
Lining up with the United team
Every schoolboy’s fantastic dream
Undetected, until Roy’s glare
Reveals the imposter posing there
A real cheeky chappy
No wonder you’re so happy
Pulling off the ultimate hoax
But then you have to coax
Your way back into the crowd
Melt into the tumult shouting loud
Back into disguise inside a tunic
Then settle back and watch the match in Munich
You watch with mixed emotions
Still high on elation, but the team of your devotions
United, exit the Champions League
But you’re the one, to face a blitzkrieg
Because, on your return
The flashbulbs burn
Your eyes
Fame, your prize
For that audacity
Few, would have the capacity
To carry off such a stunt
And let’s be blunt
You’re the envy of many across the world
Your picture in every paper unfurled
So well prepared, 3 different kits you packed
The only information you lacked
Until just before kick off
Which colours, for the big strip off
But you guessed right
United in pristine white
Now you stand to make a nice little earner
For that mugshot moment of an infamous gurner


Well done Karl, fair play to you!
A moment of pure poetry

Doubtless, there’ll be many more people trying the same,
but everyone remembers the first time!

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/fatneck/