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31.1.07 CONTENTS

1 Poems of The Week
2 Blog “On Atmosphere”
3 Interesting Workshop Links & Useful Organisations
4 2007 Workshops with Crispin / Football Poets
5 January Match Poems


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Both great , both different and both deserving..

29 Jan Ghandi of the Football Stands
Ralph Hancock

29 Jan Yer First Match Is.kevin raymond
Now taking bookings for 2007. We run and book Football Poetry Workshops all year all over the UK. For info on workshops contact
Crispin Thomas ctm@crispinthomas.orangehome.co.uk
or phone 01453 757376 & 07837 798463

Hi. Another year and for me the football poetry workshops are back . One thing we talk and write about in workshops is atmosphere, or lack of it! We will be listing all poems on atmosphere in and around grounds in Butler’s Bench..so send ;em in..

How many times do you hear “Strange ground this, just, like being on the moon, no atmosphere!” So I’ve been thinking about atmosphere a lot lately. Whenever I can get to a game , it hits me, or often as not it doesn’t hit me! So what do you guys think and feel about atmosphere at games these days? Can fans improve the situation by booking tickets close together in one stand to sing, is it possible ? Why should sitting down affect the vibe so much? I was thinking it about it because I’ve just been working school-children at Chelsea FC again from 17th-22nd , as part of the Education Through Football programme with the great Roy Bentley. As ever it has been great to work together . He is a an icon from a different time, a player from an age where many long lost sights and sounds were common place . Often Roy , who is now an amazing 83 years old, will speak about the atmosphere back then in the fifties , the way the sound would hit you from the mighty open bank of standing terraced fans. Nowadays we often find the sound seems to swirl around above our heads , as we sit beneath endless modern rooved and all-enclosing shopping-centre stadiums . I always have to keep a close eye on time with Roy though , as one question inevitably turns into a major story, and we are there to write poems about him. Here’s a recent poem inspired by a song from Villa fans at a game at Chelsea this season .

Can’t Buy An Atmosphere Crispin Thomas
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Also present at the workshops are the wonderful author and illustrator Micheal Foreman (War Game, Billy The Kid etc;) a Blues regular who I love chatting with, and of course the Chelsea penisoners who also work with the kids, recounting stories of football at the Bridge in the thirties, the forties and during and after the War. Because we work in three seperate rooms we don’t actually get to experience each other’s sessions, but we do chat a lot in the breaks , swapping feedback and stories. .

Lastly please check spelling and puctuation before submitting and keep it clean. The site is archived by The British Library remember and viewed by millions from all races ,places and cases, lower and upper! Poems about THIS MONTH’S GAMES (January ) appear at the end of this page. News of up-coming workshops + links follow. .Go well . Crispin
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Pics from the day with students and Crispin.

EVERTON FC ‘ Making A Difference’ Workshop Review Crispin Thomas
Session at Everton FC Extra Time Study Support Centre

BBC Video Nation (Real Player) Crispin at Forest Green Rovers with rap, Casio and a ball.. as you do.

Kick It Out

Show Racism The Red Card

Football Unites Racism Divides

Women’s Football-A Brief History
4. 2007 WORKSHOPS GIGS & DATES with Crispin
Jan 07
17-19 CHELSEA FC Education Through Football with Roy Bentley
22 CHELSEA FC Education Through Football with Roy Bentley
Feb 07
13/14 MORPETH King Edward V1 School
March 07
1 MANSFIELD TOWN Study Support Centre.World Book Day
June 07
7/8 WALSALL School Excellence
11 WARMINSTER Get Into Reading
19 EDGWARE School

5. Poems on ‘ JANUARY 07 MATCH POEMS
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January 2007
20 Jan Lonely Road Alan McKean
19 Jan Exodus – Movement of Shels People
Peter Goulding
19 Jan Double Entendre!kevin raymond
18 Jan Steve the Bruce John Oliver
17 Jan Sheva’s Bought A Sat Nav!
kevin raymond

17 Jan Boro v Hull City (16-01-2007)
George Kirby

11 Jan Cup Runneth Dry Darren O’Keeffe
09 Jan January Sales Emdad Rahman
09 Jan Romance Of The Cup Emdad Rahman
07 Jan Hull City v Boro – FA Cup George Kirby
07 Jan Tamworth v Norwich – FA Cup S B Ingle
07 Jan (Elland) Road To Nowhere Andy Lockett
02 Jan Boro v Sheffield United George Kirby
01 Jan Chelsea Held To A Draw SB Ingle

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2007/01/31/atmosphere-blogpoems-of-the-week-workshops/