Alan Ball RIP Poems

In memory of Alan Ball, a feisty member of England’s ’66 World Cup Winning team, who sadly passed away too soon.

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Ball of Fire : by Mark Thomas

Having A. BALL in Heaven : by John J O’Connor

Players and Managers : by John Cox

Alan Ball and his Dad : by Stuart Butler

Shankly and Bally : by Me

The Provider : by mark merriman

Bally : by Crispin Thomas

Alan Ball tanka : by Alan McKean

Alan Ball R.I.P. : by ‘Me’

I Remember Alan Ball : by S B Ingle

Every Inch Of The Way : by S B Ingle

The greatest of them all : by Paul Conatzer

Alan Ball : by Kevin Raymond

Ball of fun : by Clik the mouse

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Our Bally

like some terrier
in 66 it was the Germans
left chasing your shadow
in theJuly Wembley sun

on the top of the World
you danced
defining moments in time
for our Bally

grainy black and white images
of a re-run day
some forty years back
but you were so much a part of it
in another age
in another time
on another stage

first Bobby Moore
and now you
how unfair how sad
how precious this life
but oh what football memories
you leave us

standing tall
on chairs at after-dinner speeches
Alan Ball has gone
and we..
we lose
not just a great player of the time
intimidating frustrating
niggly determined
and always the passion

covering every inch of the field
feisty and joking
some character ideed
oh how we’ll miss
our Bally

© CT07
Alan Ball RIP (61) so sad today.

Having A. BALL in Heaven.

There’s a knock on heavens gate,
and St Peter takes a peek,
see’s a feisty little red head,
then hears a voice, that starts to squeak.

“Any chance of coming in?
my name is Alan Ball,”
and St Peter says,
“ just wait a bit,
I’ll go give God a call.”

St Peter returned quickly saying,
“ you’re more than welcome – lad,
there’s a place on that cloud over there.
right next to your dad.”

Then Pete went off to do his thing,
and God came walking by,
and to the little red head,
he sincerely apologised.

“Things ain’t been too good up here,
that’s why you got the early call,
our teams are lacking passion,
they required an Alan Ball.

You’ll be playing for us Saturday,
we’re playing paradise at home,
you’ll be in your favorite position,
in front of Mooro and Labone..

Harry Catterick and Sir Alf will coach,
they’ve formed an unholy alliance,
you played with Ramsey’s wingless wonders,
and Harry’s ‘School of Science’.

The Saints will sing, ‘Go Marching In,
as your fans did at the Dell,
and the Pompey chimes will ring so loud,
that they’ll hear them down in hell.

The Arsenal Gunners will give salute,
for your deeds for the Highbury cause,
and all across the country,
you’ll witness much applause.

But the greatest sadness down on earth,
will be on the blue side of the Mersey,
where Evertonians won’t forget ,
how you proudly wore their jersey.”

So when football fans this weekend,
clap their hands to show their love,
make sure you chant his name as well,
so he hears you up above.

© John J O’Connor April 27 2007
Alan Ball R.I.P

Ball of Fire

Their hero, their legend
Iconic white boots, shirt of blue
A ball of fire, too hot too handle
Disdain, our compliment to you

Our hero, our legend
On your red shirt, three lions roar
Youngest and best on that July day
Crossing for Hurst to score

© Mark Thomas
A Liverpool supporter’s poem on the death of Everton legend, Alan Ball.

Ball of fun

Every team wants one
a little ball of puppy dog energy
yapping and snapping away at heels
and yet as loveable and loyal a servant
you couldn’t hope to meet

Nimble on his feet
and as fit as bedamned
a small package crammed
with fun and laughter
and uniquely –
a World Cup winners medal

Alan Ball R.I.P.

© Clik the mouse, 25th April 2007
In memory of Alan Ball, who died of a heart attack this morning.

Condolences to his family and friends.

Alan Ball RIP

Farewell Bally
Pack your dreams into
Your kitbag and race home
Socks rolled down
And shirt too big
Furnish the parks of heaven
With those passions lad
The captain waits to start the game.

© Me
Alan Ball RIP

Alan Ball tanka

World Cup winning Ball
Now finally out of play.
A reducing team,
Steadily growing smaller
As the years race down the wing.

© Alan McKean April 2007

I Remember Alan Ball

With your red carpet of hair
And man of the match memories from ‘sixty-six
You’ll get into Heavens trophy room

© S B Ingle 25.4.07
By golly, did this little man have some passion, it didn’t matter who you supported as a kid, Alan Ball was one of those players who everyone knew about, universally liked and admired. The angels are singing in a higher pitch today – rest in peace Bally.

Every Inch Of The Way

Alan Ball
Small jokes, he heard ’em all
“You’re not small
You’re just not very tall”
He gave hope to every titch
Who wanted to be out there on that pitch
The ones who thought they’d never get a kick
Or even get picked
He would never give up – and nor did we

Someone said to me – (and it hurt) –
You won’t make the team, you’re just a little squirt
My mate spoke up
“Alan Balls a little squirt
And he just won the World Cup”

© S B Ingle 25.4.07
Thank you Alan Ball – inspiration and magic.

The Provider

Yes, it was he who
sprinted tiredly down
the wing to fire over
the cross from which
our Geoff scored THAT goal.
He who ran himself
into the ground in search
of the game’s ultimate prize.

Later as squeaky-voiced manager
often pilloried and ridiculed
by fans and fancy dan players
who had but a fraction of
his heart, his talent, his bottle.
Yet they can never take away
his one momentous achievement –
being a part of THAT team
whose players clutched each other
in a frenzy of elation
at the end of one hundred and twenty
marvellous minutes.

Silent as I watched the headlines:
his death the lead story,
says it all really.
And fans attending the 2007 Cup Final
should stand as one to
mark the passing of a true legend.

© mark merriman
R.I.P. Bally, one of the game’s greats.

Alan Ball.

When picking sides,
Great weight, great height
Determined who would play
As little ones, left out, were stuck in goal
So as to get a game

Where would we find an idol
One for us fellows small
One who’d give us self esteem
With great tenacity on the ball?

Would you have to be a Millwall docker
Or a squaddie like at Leeds
Was fame at game all based on size and frame
Was that how we’d succeed?

All that changed in sixty six
High time it did and all
When a little bloke stood tall
Amongst mere men

That bloke was….Alan Ball!

© kev 2007
Alan Ball, a real inspiration for all little blokes who couldn’t and can’t get a game, purely because of their size, that it is possible to overcome the odds and succeed, irrespective of stature.



The greatest of them all

Ginger hair
royal blue jersey
white boots on Goodison’s glorious green
Who’s the greatest of them all…
Little curly Alan Ball

© Paul Conatzer
I don’t think that there is an Everton fan in my age group (I’m 49) that didn’t adore Alan Ball..His recent death was a shock…If there was anything that you would think would run for ever it would be his heart..

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