New Book

New Book on the market – haven’t seen it myself, but I’m happy to showcase it here.

Good luck to all involved. Sounds like my favourite football poet is involved – Parry Maguire.


Hi Eds,

Hope you dont mind me posting this flyer here:

*NEW FOOTBALL POETRY BOOK LAUNCHED* by Luath Publishers, Edinburgh: 100 FAVOURITE SCOTTISH FOOTBALL POEMS – several poems by Parry Maguire featured in an exciting new football poetry anthology.

“Poems to evoke the roar of the crowd. Poems to evoke the collective groans. Poems to capture the elation. Poems to capture the heartbreak. Poems by fans. Poems by critics. Poems about the highs and lows of Scottish football.

A brand new collection of Scottish poetry devoted entirely to football, 100 Favourite Scottish Football Poems covers every aspect of the game, from World Cup heartbreak to one-on-ones with the goalie. Feel the thump of the tackle, the thrill of victory and the expectation of supporters. Become immersed in the emotion and personality of the game as these poems reflect human experience in its sheer diversity of feeling and being. The collection combines popular culture with literature, fan with critic, and combines subject matters as unlikely as the header and philosophy. Ranging from the 1580 poem The Bewteis of the Fute-ball to poems by many of Scotland’s best-known contemporary poets, including Hugh MacDiarmid, Norman MacCaig, Liz Lochhead and Edwin Morgan, the long and fascinating relationship between Scotland and football has never been encapsulated so well, nor has it meant so much.

Alistair Findlay was a part-time provisional footballer with Hibernian FC between 1965 and 1968. He has written of his experiences as a player in his first collection of poetry, Sex, Death and Football, published in 2004. ”



© G McCoughlan

Published by Luath Publishers, Edinburgh.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2007/10/25/new-book/