Euro Nightmares +1 Game 1 Community Poems

1 One Game One Community’ Your New Poems On Racism
2 Euro Nighmares……England, N.Ireland, Republic Of Ireland,
Scotland & Wales..your thoughts please….

1. 1 GAME 1 COMMUNITY Your New Poems On Racism

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16 Oct we are all the same Youcef Bennadja
16 Oct Racism All Around Jin Abdalo
16 Oct stop racism heather montieth

2. EURO NIGHTMARES..what a difference a game makes!

EURO 08 England hanging on a thread. Scotland to beat Italy to qualify. N.Ireland praying for help?Managers of f Ireland & Wales ?
Your poetical thoughts please..Crispin

24 Oct Oh Stanley! Me
24 Oct Goodbye Stan Kevin Raymond
24 Oct Same player, different shirts Kevin Raymond
24 Oct My Friend Stan Peter Goulding
24 Oct Stan stunted Clik the mouse
22 Oct A Football Association of Disassociation Darren O’Keeffe
19 Oct Mrs Steven Gerrard Speaks Me
19 Oct how we failed haiku Crispin Thomas
18 Oct Thoughts Of An Under Pressure National Coach kevin raymond
18 Oct Any Chance Of A Call Up? Kevin Raymond
18 Oct Sure, We Were Only Kidding Ourselves! kevin raymond
18 Oct Crossing the line non humphries
18 Oct Paul Robinsons nightmare haiku
S B Ingle
18 Oct Handing It To Them S B Ingle
18 Oct Euro Reality Crispin Thomas
17 Oct Towel In S B Ingle
17 Oct Artificial Inspiration S B Ingle
16 Oct Six Loud Scotsman Robbie Kennedy Bennett
14 Oct Euro 2008 : Pitching up short U Rowe
14 Oct Booers? Simon Parr
14 Oct 14 Sep A Bit Of A Mix Up! kevin raymond
14 Sep Good Times At Wembley Andy Lockett
14 Sep It’s England We Love kevin raymond
11 Sep If We Don’t Beat Thingummyjig
Crispin Thomas

11 Sep England: Fan the Flames S B Ingle
09 Sep Why Can’t England Fans Sing Their Own Songs? Me
09 Sep Oh Shut Up Motson! kevin raymond
08 Sep The Empty Seats at Wembley Me
08 Sep Leaving Early? mark merriman
08 Sep You’re a Star SWP Me
07 Sep When did playing for England become such a dilemma? David Hyson
07 Sep For Your Club For Your Country
David Hyson

07 Sep Club v Country Debate Cont.
kevin raymond

Just Playing? Coaching? Letting kids be?
Is the (Children’s)Beautiful Game ruled by adults, over-zealous parents and coaches? Sweaters or pressures for Goalposts? G.U.B.O.G are tackling the problem..

31 May Give us Back Our Game Crispin Thomas

Visit The ‘Give Us Back Our Game’ website.
‘Give Us Back Our Game’

A recent articles on ‘Give Us Back Our Game’ , in UEFA magazine..
with thanks to Paul Cooper of Give Us Back Our Game.

UEFA Magazine

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