Munich 58 : 50th Anniversary+Poem on 5 Live

The Day We Lost A Football Team read by Crispin Thomas was broadcast on the 606 phone-in on Radio 5 on 6th Feb 2008 from Wembley along with other callers reflecting on the England game. .

On February 6th 1958, 23 people (of the 44 passengers & crew) lost their lives when a plane crashed at Munich Airport, while attempting to take off in snowbound conditions. Among the dead, were members of Manchester United Football Club, who were returning from a European Cup match, having just played against Red Star Belgrade. Munich was a re-fuelling stopover.

To mark the 50th anniversary, Manchester United are having a minutes silence before the match with their closest rivals, Manchester City.

We are marking the 50th anniversary by highlighting as many poems as we can find on the subject, that have recently, or previously been, uploaded onto this website by many of our contributors, paying their respects.

50 years on … – Clik the mouse
Like the Shirts! – Denys E. W. Jones
Standing Together – Mark Thomas
Sir Matt’s Babes – Emdad Rahman
(Just) a moment of silence – Emdad Rahman
sixty seconds of silence – Mike Garry
Munich anniversary – Clik the mouse
Munich, Feb 6th 1958 – Clik the mouse
Imagine if – Pogue Mahone
Diamonds in the Snow – Me
Belgrade: 6th February 1958 – Ted Smith-Orr
Matt Busby’s Babes Play On – Dennis Gould
The Day We Lost A Football Team – Crispin Thomas
Fifty Years Sixty Seconds – S B Ingle
6.2.58 – Alan McKean
8.8.3 – Alan McKean

Glasnevin Cemetary – Peter Goulding
More Than A Football Club – Andy Lockett
Munich 58 – John Fisher
Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes – Gerry Lawrence
Lost For Words – S B Ingle
Forever & Ever – John Fisher
The Flowers of Manchester – Eric Winter

Our Busby Babe – Caddy
The Day A Team Died – A.M.

The Last of The Busby Babes – Poet Shot

Sir Matt Busby – Parry Maguire
We Will Remember – Alan Laine
The Busby Babes – Paul Collins
Flowers of Manchester – Ben Andrew

Also, a link to munich58.co.uk a worthy tribute site to the victims and it also includes the original ‘The Flowers of Manchester’ and article on the origin and author of the poem.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2008/02/01/munich-58-50th-anniversarypoem-on-5-live/