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2. GOALKEEPER POEMS( Theme of The Year)
26 Nov The Future is Green-non humphries
22Nov For ‘the Robert Green Campaign’ – non humphries
22 Nov come on Capello! -hannah brown
22 Nov Everybody’s Talkin’!-kevin raymond
21 Nov To Capello – non humphries
21 Nov Going Green? – Clik the mouse
21 Nov Not Easy Being Green – Crispin
20 Nov Green Keeper – jim dolbear
20 Nov England v Germany -hannah brown
20 Nov Sean Connery! – kevin raymond
20 Nov rob green’s #1 fan- hannah brown
20 Nov With the backing of football poets – non humphries
20 Nov Steve Sherwood was better! – Apollo Gees
19 Nov Change Yer Name Son! – kevin raymond
19 Nov Rob Green Apprectn Soc.- English Banana
19 Nov I Lied – non humphries
19 Nov#1 Keeper – hannah brown
05 Nov Between The Sticks – Kevin Halls
04 Nov England’s No 6 – non humphries
04 Nov John (Stonewall) Jackson – John J O’Connor
01 Nov Big Pat From The County Down – John J O’Connor
29 Oct I Dreamt I Woz Gilmar!-kevin raymond
29 Oct Commitment – non humphries
28 Oct Statue In The Mist Re-visited – Crispin Thomas
28 Oct Fogbound and forgotten about! – Kevin Raymond
27 Oct Keeper of Dreams- Mark Thomas
27 Oct Banks of England- English Banana
26 Oct Arsenal versus Robert Green – non humphries
26 Oct Five foot Six-between the stix- John Oliver
25 Oct I Wanna Be A Custodian!- kevin raymond
25 Oct This position- non humphries
25 Oct Goalkeepers – non humphries
25 Oct Loneliness of The Goalie – Crispin Thomas
Oct 08 GK Skills – non humphries
Oct 08 Gloves With No Name – non humphries
Oct 08 Almunia – non humphries
…………….and from the archives….
Burning Black Star-Crispin Thomas
Arthur Wharton – Elaine Fearn
Frank Swift – Peter Goulding
God’s Goalkeeper-Clik The Mouse
The Polish Goalkeeper From Rome -kevin raymond
All Goalkeepers Are Mad Haiku-I Ku
Gloves Unkind – S B Ingle
Goalkeeper’s Limerick – Alan McKean
Death Of A Goalkeeper Alan McKean
The Apex of The Team-Tony Lewis Jones
Camus Played In Goal For Algeria-Christopher T.George
In Praise Of The Un-sung – Neale Blackburn
A Goalkeeper Called Rogerio Ceri – Héber Bensi

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