Sir Bobby Robson, R.I.P. 1933-2009 – Poems

In memory of Sir Bobby Robson, who passed away today, we offer up the following tributes. Sir Bobby is possibly the most beloved football personality in Europe – and he’ll be sorely missed.

May he rest in peace. Bobby Robson, 1933-2009.

The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation
PO Box 307

The Commemoration Poem for Bobby Robson

You guided your troops to hoisting glories.
Each victories was treasured in your special heart;
You gave your army experience and confidence,
Now, you had kicked your last breath into the air for it to melt.

Yesterday’s memories, forever, lingered in your soul,
England and Scotland wished you a safe journey.
The fans and players watched their tears flip flopped on the Thames
To blend with London’s most succulent water.

O, Sir Bobby, your name had been inscribed on many battlefields!
You had had your scintilating moments to cherish.
Here, you played in the final of the ‘LIFE CUP,’
But your rival was too powerful, so you succumbed and lost.

© tri tran

For The Love Of Sir Bobby

For the love of Sir Bobby
we will battle on
For the love of Sir Bobby
we will rise again
For the love of Sir Bobby
we will Gallowgate dream
For the love of Sir Bobby
we will rage on
For the love of Sir Bobby
we will take pride
For the love of Sir Bobby
we will roar by the Tyne
For the love of Sir Bobby
we will rejoice in Newcastle
For the love of Sir Bobby
we will chant on the walls
For the love of Sir Bobby
we will recall the good times
For the love of Sir Bobby
we will brighten our lives
For the love of Sir Bobby
we will drink in the sea
For the love of Sir Bobby
we will sparkle our eyes
For the love of Sir Bobby
we will save our soul
For the love of Sir Bobby
we will keep hold
For the love of Sir Bobby
we will dance with our kids
For the love of Sir Bobby
we will win back our town

© keith armstrong 2009

A Football Gentleman

The Northern stars are dimmed today,
for a great man has passed away.
He died with pride and dignity,
though in pain for all to see.
He gave more to football than he took,
and was an ever open book.
He wore his heart on his sleeve,
football his life to live and breath.
With pride he led the England team,
get near their World Cup dream.
Managed in Spain and Portugal,
as a gentleman he stood tall.
His last post fulfilled the man’s dream,
to take charge of his boyhood team.
Alas the enemy deep inside,
became too hard for him to hide.
Now grown men bow heads, shed a tear,
alas he is no longer here.
But his legend will still live on.
when lesser men have come and gone.

© jim dolbear.31..07.2009.

Good-night…Sir Bobby

The Gallowgate
Indeed the whole football World
Rise up from their seats
As a mark of huge respect
In tribute to the memory of a perfect gent.

How rare and fitting
That two well mannered
Old school gents
From the same Suffolk football club

Who played
For their country
With great distinction
Should go on to manage the national team

And become
Knights of the realm
For their loyal and devoted service
To a working class sport?

© Kevin Raymond

Sir Bobby

Just want to say,
goodbye to a football great,

A proper gentleman
Respected by all

When he talked they listened
Managed like he played

Working class through and through
From the cobbled streets to the pitch

His love of football shone right through
Genuine in a shallow world

So rest in peace Sir Bobby Robson
The football world will not forget you.

© kevin halls. 01.08.09.

Sir Bobby Robson

Cancer thinks that it has won
One million pounds may yet prove it wrong
Enthusiasm, humour, courage
Sir Bobby Robson – his name will live on

Cancer took him in the end
After seventeen years
And five replays
Cancer doesn’t play fair

Elevated to the upper tier
With no more stairs to climb
Sir Bobby’s Foundation will ensure
Others get to extra time

SB Ingle 31.7.09

Robert William Robson

Robert William Robson
Born in the heart of County Durham’s
Mining community. Son of a miner.
A man destined to become
A true footballing legend. We will remember you.
We will remember you with affection.
We will remember your smile.
We will remember your triumphs.
We will remember your dignity.
And perhaps most of all
We will remember your immense courage.
An inspiration to so many.
Our elder statesman of world football
And a man for all seasons.
Rest in peace our bonny lad.

© Oliver 09

Farewell Sir Bobby, But Not Goodbye

Coalminer’s son who captured the nation
Played green football with calm serene
Gentleman who played the game with a smile
Amongst the best the game has ever seen

He said once; “We didn’t underestimate them”
“They were a lot better than we thought”
Side-splitting comments, together with a glint in the eye
And never one to get overwrought

Built bridges as ones very best friend
As Cottager, Royal and Baggie
Prized at Tractor boys, Porto, and Sporting too
Treasured at the Magpies, Barca, PSV

Coached the best in Muhren, Beattie, Romario
Stoichkov, Shearer, Gazza, Ronaldo
Guardiola, Ruud Van Nistelrooy
As well as Robson, Barnes, Mourinho

Fond reference to his national skippers
“Ray Wilkins day will come one night”
“Good morning, Bobby,” to Captain Marvel
Wry smile, full, beaming and bright

“Gary Speed has never played better
Confirming that Speedo “never looked fitter”
Amusing swipe at the old warhorse
Then adding he’s “never been older”

Sir Bobby was a supreme one off
Adored equally from Ankara to Rio
“We’ll miss you” is the global mantra
From Paris, Peking, Dhaka and Tokyo

As the sunset began to descend
Goodbye to Elsie his dear Madame
Farewell to Andrew, Paul and Mark
Wandering slowly back home to Durham

© Emdad Rahman – 31.07.09


A footballing Knight
Says goodbye with dignity,
Cheers Bobby, rest now.
The final whistle has blown
The dressing room calls.

© Alan McKean July 2009

A Class Above

you were a class above the rest
down there in the rain –
emotions running wild on that touchline
grey hair smooth dapper
aching for victory – feeling the game
dignity and loyalty
through and through

always old school
young smile passion and heart
coursing through your veins
Ipswich days
Barcelona nights
a young José at your side
learning the ropes
from the master

England penalty shoot outs
leaving tears and sadness
etched into your face
but always the dignity in defeat

I always felt you never grew up
a child and gentleman all in one
we will miss you
Sir Bobby
your smile..gone
and you
like some schoolroom
in heaven
filled with lost footballing stars…
a class above..

© Crispin Thomas

Sir Bobby Robson, R.I.P

Dignity –
there’s not enough of it in the world
but in that regard, Sir Bobby scored the all time hat-trick :
player, manager, top man
loved by all
sadly missed – by everyone

© Clik

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