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So here we go again…still here -faithful or faithless and still waiting for yet another season. But still waiting for what? Is it ‘same old-same old’? Money and the usual fears fly round again, from Real Madrid to Burton Albion, from Man U to Darlington . New fixtures, old fittings! New hopes,new faces as old realities and old problems re-surface. Enchanted and disenchanted fans have your say now. All “themed” poems will also appear (eventually) on the Football Poets MySpace site -which has a comments / messages section at Football Poets on MySpace

Still Here-Waiting For Another Season -Your Poems

2009 POEMS
13 Jul The Scream kevin halls
03 Jul Wulfrunian Dreams Andy Lockett
03 Jul Pre-Season Haikus kevin halls
24 Jun Three Jagged White Stripesl kevin raymond
24 Jun there’s a Seagull Clik the mouse
23 Jun A quick haiku Dan Jackson
16 Jun forget football Clik the mouse
16 Jun One’s Team is In League One S B Ingle
16 Jun Summertime Blues S B Ingle
06 Jun Are You Bored Love? Yes! kevin raymond
2008 POEMS
30 Jul The End Of Football Crispin Thomas
29 Jul Yet another Saturday with no football Clik the mouse
26 Jul Pre-season paper selling non humphries
23 Jul What’s Occuring? Now! kevin raymond
23 Jul The Premiership Stuart Butler
22 Jul Expect more of the same John Oliver
22 Jul Lack of Expectations Non Humphries
22 Jul Late Expectations Crispin Thomas
16 Jul Waiting for season 08/09! non humphries
16 Jul Time To Get Real…. Lads! kevin raymond
14 Jul Closer Comes The Day Crispin Thomas

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2009/07/14/pre-season-poems-haikus-dreams/