Your Take On The Season So Far

One month in – what’s the story ? Same old -same old? Great expectations – great disappointments ..new shirt old boots?

02 Sep 25 Yrs Old Firm dominance
Emdad Rahman

02 Sep Black Cats! Khadim Hussain
01 Sep St.Mary Go Roundjim dolbear
31 Aug Let The Show Begin pete marshall
31 Aug Strachan The Genius Khadim Hussain
29 Aug Torres Baggies 3 points-Liverpool 1-0 W Brom Emdad Rahman
26 Aug Big Guns Are Back Khadim Hussain
26 Aug 4 Musketeers Crispin Thomas
25 Aug Ah The Thrill Of It All kevin raymond
24 Aug You couldn’t make it up John

24 Aug Sky Blues Sheikh Reds Emdad Rahman
23 Aug Seeing As Mine’s A Double kevin raymond
23 Aug The Joy of Six mark merriman
18 Aug to be beside the DW mark merriman
17 Aug what’s in store? John Oliver
16 Aug Gunners Pepe gift: Liverpool 1-1 Arsenal Emdad Rahman
16 Aug 17 Lines About Our Number10 Daniel Nice
15 Aug Wigan rocked by peerless Blackpool stuey
14 Aug Top of The Tower Alan McKean
12 Aug Curtain Raiser David Barker
11 Aug Year Of The Boro khadim Hussain
10 Aug It Wasn’t Your Fault Lads! kevin raymond
10 Aug Stay Loyal To Your Team kevin halls
09 Aug Immunity Shield Clik the Mouse
09 Aug Back With A Roar Crispin Thomas
08 Aug Great Expectations? mark merriman
08 Aug Reality O’Heck S B Ingle
07 Aug All Aboard John Oliver
06 Aug The Only Way! Khadim Hussain
6 Aug It’s Friday & It’s Crackerjack SB Ingle

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