That Lovely Karen Brady !

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A sharp North London lady
Has sorted out them Brummies and their fans
Creche’s for the mums
Nearly all the seats have bums
She’s a forward thinking lady with a plan
Brum were in decline
Now she’s there, things are fine
The whole community is welcome when they can
With her they take their chances
She sacked that Trevor Francis
Was instrumental in cut price tickets for the mams
But Karen whats this I hear ?
Can you tell us exclusively here
How it feels to buy and sell your old man?
‘ Paul, will you take care of this?
You won’t, then you’re on the transfer list
I’m selling to the highest bidder lover man ‘


This girl is so cool and as sharp as a tack ! Does really great in depth interviews about all the aspects of the game especially player loyalty, or the lack of it ! Never known her to pull her punches either.

She is one of the few football people who do get the whole community around the club involved with cut price tickets for the kids and their mums, she has opened a crech for the kids and has lots of meetings with all the fans to enable them to air their greviences to the person who can and will do something about them…her !

But what is it like to sell yer man indoors to the highest bidder? It must be really cool and a great thing to discuss over breakfast ! I’m not sure if she did it once or twice though ?

Paul Peshecellido is her husband, I hope the spellings right.



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/that-lovely-karen-brady/