It’s Here, It’s Here !

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The best news I’ve had this year
Sunlight scares away the drizzled morn
Sparrers start to sing
Johnnie Walkers in the swing*
It’s a day that you are happy to be born
Bills don’t mean a thing
Grass is glistening
The World to me now isn’t just forlorn
Trees are green and fresh
Me gardens in a mess
But I don’t care, as I stifle a tired yawn
The path to all that’s good
To paradise where we stood
In days gone by that now are sadly done
The cheers the fears
They’ll all be there this year
As last year’s glory days are past and gone
A new slate will be clean
So tell that to Roy Keane
This year’s what counts not those of aged aplomb
The postman walks away
To carry on his day
He’s delivered me season ticket so its game on !



* Cool radio 2 deejay just recovering froma cancer scare, plays loads of hippy stuff for old geezers like me !

CSNY, Love, Jefferson Airplane, Santana, The Who, Cream, Brilliant!

Big shout goes out to Johnnie Walker and get well soon man !

Just got it, the ticket to Mecca !

No not the bingo hall in the high street !

Still counting down !



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/its-here-its-here/