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Kick It Out competition

Date: Poet: Title: (click a title to read it)
07 Feb   Gacina Bozidar   Number 77 and football
07 Feb   kevin raymond   Power To The People! Kop That!
06 Feb   kevin raymond   Wonder Strike.
04 Feb   Mike Bartram   77 Minutes
04 Feb   Alun Robert   An Inextricable Link
30 Jan   Clik the mouse   A Dublin moment
28 Jan   kevin raymond   Controversy.
26 Jan   kevin halls   SpecSavers-Haiku
25 Jan   Gary Oliver   Here today - Gone tomorrow
24 Jan   kevin raymond   One Nil To The...Visitors!
20 Jan   Alun Robert   Four Decades Ago
18 Jan   kevin raymond   Stuck In The Middle With Youse.
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Clik Here 21 Jan More of your January Team Poems
Butler's Bench 21 Jan Poems of The Fortnight +Nostalgia+RIP
Crispin's Corner 21 Jan New Poems Problem Solved+Hillsborough+Munich


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