Your Nostalgia Poems

Hi – Your Nostalgia / Football Memories Poems ; 2000-Present ~ Many of these  poems were first published on the original/old Football Poets site established June 2000 and have been archived by British Library. In many cases you can  click on  poem title to link to poem and click  on  poet name to link to all  poems by that poet.This section on nostalgia started being collated and recorded in 2010 so  2000-2009  poems are a selection.


03 Apr  The Man In Black    Mike Bartram

28 Mar  What Did We Do Before 5 Live (Revisited) 1994-2024    Crispin Thomas

06 Mar   Oh for days of yore     joe morris

01 Feb  The State Of The Game (A Modern Revision)    Ash Dickinson

23 Jan  United at the Cottage   Niall Machin

04 Jan   In Search Of Lost Grounds   Graham Salter


17 Nov  When Dominic’s Nan Nailed Yer Man     kevin raymond

26 Oct   Spion Kop     Graham Salter

17 Oct  A Liminal Evening    John Gilbert Ellis

Aug 23  The hunger    Greg Freeman

31 July  Some People Are On The Pitch    kevin halls

01 July  The Blyth bus     Greg Freeman

21 May    At The Reunion – For John Milkins      Richard Williams

29 Apr  Happy 100th birthday Wembley     joe morris

09 Feb    Greavesie     kevin halls

14 Jan Rothmans Year Book   joe morris


27 Dec   Klinsmann, Cafe, and Calderdale   Sharon Jones

26 Dec   Christmas and Boxing Day    joe morris

17 Oct   Reid all about it!     Clik The Mouse

14 Oct  Shoot magazine     joe morris

08 Oct  We Feel Fine    Sharon Jones

03 Oct Scouse Bayeux Tapestry     

27 Sep The Hutch    kevin halls

04 Sep  West Ham United   Kym Pattison

18 Aug   The old Stamford Bridge    Greg Freeman

30 Jul   56 years ago today     joe morris

17 Jul  The Lost Final! Scotland – Champions of Europe 1982   Emdad Rahman

12 Jul 1960-61 Close Season   Stuart Butler

01 Jul  Remember those days     joe morris

15 Jun  The family silver   Greg Freeman

06 Jun  Ken Aston- My primary school headmaster   joe morris

The Mighty Magyars

30 May  Wembley 99    steve mingle

12 Mar  My dad.  joe morris

23 Feb When Floodlights Shine    Crispin Thomas

16 Feb Timperley Big Shorts FC   Sharon Jones

06 Feb   From the Baseball Ground    Brian

04 Feb That Goal     Gacina Bozidar

20 Jan   1966 and all that     joe morris

12 Jan  Good Afternoons    Stuart Butler

10 Jan  The old days at Upton Park.   joe morris

01 Jan  Maine Road     Lee Garratt


31 Dec  White Heat    Lee Garratt

10 Dec TG Jones     Dachlan Cartwright

10 Dec  My Grandpa Jack- West Ham supporter    joe morris

09 Dec  Downstairs at Erics, Upstairs at Probe    Sharon Jones

09 Dec   #9 Lennon    Sharon Jones

09 Dec   1963     Sharon Jones

05 Dec  Lily Parr & The Dick Kerr Ladies Revisited    Crispin Thomas

01 Dec   Punk, Football, & The Armadillo Tearooms   Sharon Jones

27 Nov  What would Peter Jones & Bryon Butler have thought?    joe morris

01 Nov Football Forever   joe morris

07 Oct  In the Pink    Greg Freeman

05 Oct  Back At The Match (after Philip Larkin)   Greg Freeman

02 Oct A Poem For Ari (aged 8 months)    gallygpne

29 Sep   It Was Beautiful Then   Mike Bartram

22 Sep  Thoughts While Standing Beside The Statue of Johnny Haynes at Craven Cottage    Michael Simms

22 Sep  That Photo of Jimmy Greaves    Michael Simms

19 Sep   Of All The Stars (Jimmy Greaves RIP)     Crispin Thomas

19 Sep   Watching England with Carol Ann Duffy    Greg Freeman

16 Sep  When An Old Ground Goes    Crispin Thomas

09 Sep   Flowers for Adrian   Christopher T. George

02 Sep   My Mersey     John Paul Kirkham

02 Sep   Broken Bones   John Paul Kirkham

01 Sep   The Half-Time Team Talk   Simon Icke

19 Jul  Waiting For The Start Of The Season   Crispin Thomas

08 Jul Grass Roots    Carol Stewart

13 May  Meadowside Cup Final 1968       John Paul Kirkham

12 May It’s finished at Sunderland      steve mingle

08 May How You Keep Your Ruins      Alex Saynor

03 May Memory   Gacina Bozidar  

22 Apr  Anas Laghari, Your Ploys Took A Hell Of A Beating.   Sharon Jones

21 Mar Lothar Matthäus    Emdad Rahman

13 Feb   Maine Road Matchday ’69     steve mingle

05 Feb  Epiphany in Park Lane   kevin raymond


09 Nov Right Outsider  Geoffrey Winch

08 Nov The Flowers of Liverpool (Lest we forget)   Sharon Jones

30 Oct  Maradona 60     Sharon Jones

17 Feb  Harry Gregg ~ The Man Who Didn’t Just Save Goals   Crispin Thomas

14 Feb  Parked Run    Clik The Mouse

03 Feb From rec to cheque   Clik The Mouse

12 Jan  Geoff Pike – Unsung hero   Emdad Rahman

7th Jan Nineteen Ninety-Five   Denys E. W. Jones


17 Nov Burial of the Dead   Al McClimens  

05 Nov The Eddie McGoldrick show   Emdad Rahman

17 Oct  130 Yesterdays (Forest Green Rovers 1889-2019)   Crispin Thomas

31 Aug Tranmere Rovers Sharon Jones 

12 Aug This Means More.    sharon wilkie-jones

06 Aug Football Holy Trinity   sharon wilkie-jones

02 Aug  The Story of Mrs. Minchella (the peanut seller)   John J O’Connor

24 Jul  The 74 Cup Final    willie mccloskey

22 Jun Maradona’s Second Goal   sharon wilkie-jones

19 Jun We Weren’t Interested in Girls Rhys Owain Williams

19 Jun  58 Years    Rhys Owain Williams

24 May  Glory be!  Clik The Mouse

7 May Alf Ramsey – My Part In His Success   Ray Miller

11 Apr Football Railway Time  Stuart Butler

26 Mar Back in time down White Hart Lane  Graham Salter

21 Mar What Did We Do Before 5 Live? (1994-2019)   Crispin Thomas

21 Feb My 60th Anniversary – Geof Dawson

20 Feb Going To The Game-Crispin Thomas

18 Feb This Football Life – sharon wilkie-jones

12 Feb Youth – sharon wilkie-jones

05 Feb An Ode to Football When – Nicholas Finch

05 Feb David Dangerfield’s Dad’s Boots – Stuart Butler

24 Jan The Football History Boys – sharon wilkie-jones

10 Jan  Remembering Georgie Best – Simon Williams


05 Dec  One Christmas in the Trenches ~ Centenary – Crispin Thomas

26 Nov Saturday at Barracks Lane – Alex Saynor

Oct 3 Sir Matt Busby (for National Poetry Day)-sharon wilkie-jones

30 Aug First Home Game ~ Chelsea 6-2 Wolves .30 Aug ’58 (60 Years On) – Crispin Thomas

18 Sep Where have all the Great Captains Gone? –John J O’Connor

25 Aug  A Ralph Coates – Paul T Conneally

19 Jul Stand In – kevin raymond

02 Jul Remembering Andrés Escobar -Colombia July 2 ’94 – Crispin Thomas

28 Jun The Ineffability of Maradona –  sharon wilkie-jones

06 JunMy First World Cup in ‘58  Crispin Thomas

01 Jun Eight years old – Peter Goulding

01 May In Praise of The Football Programme – Crispin Thomas

15 Mar National Football Museum- sharon wilkie-jones

24 Feb  Bobby Moore – sharon wilkie-jones

24 Feb Denis Law – sharon wilkie-jones

22 Feb Footie with Dad – Phil Brennan

14 Feb The Best Goal I Ever Scored – Stuart Butler

05 Feb Childhood Memory – Graham Salter

27 Jan The Day We Lost A Football Team (60 Years On) – Crispin Thomas


13 Dec Orange leather footballs in the snow – Peter Goulding

06 Dec Rite of Passage – Andrew Detheridge

07 Oct The United Trinity – Ianthe Exall

25 July The Soul of Forest Green – Stuart Butler

21 Jul Canned Sardines – Ianthe Exall

30 Mar A Brief History of Goal Celebrations = Graham Salter

09 Mar The Football ‘Hard Man’ = Mike Bartram

18 Apr  Larbi Ben Mbarek: The forgotten genius – Emdad Rahman

06 Apr An Improvised Match – Alex Saynor

03 Apr These Days……..Those Days. – John Oliver

03 Apr  Vetch Field Elegy – Rhys Owain Williams


04 Jun Fifty Years On (George Cohen) Ianthe Exall
28 May Pretending To Be Greavesie Kevin Halls
21 Apr Layer Road, 1971 Andrew Harris (Colchester Utd)

08 Mar  Archie’s Stands – Graham Salter

06 Mar Spain 1982 Gacina Bozidar
21 Feb Boys On A Wall Sharon Jones (Accrington Stanley)
14 Feb Accrington Stanley FC~ The Club That Would Not Die Sharon Jones

11 Feb Long Gone Alun Robert


17 Nov  A Footballer PassesAndrew Harris

16 Nov Why Clevedon Town –  Alun Robert

9 Nov James Alexander Gordon – Alun Robert

8 Nov 1973 Cup Final Andrew Harris

30 Oct  Now That George Best Fella Is A Great Fella (RIP Dad) – John J O’Connor

22 Sep Chelsea 6 Newcastle Utd 5 – John Oliver

12 Sep Tranmere Rovers All Time Xl – Sharon Jones

31 Aug Marine v Dagenham 1968 – Barry Lenton

26 Aug johan cruyff – gareth culshaw

24 Aug Going To The Game – Sharon Jones

23 Aug 80’s Revisited. – David Foulkes

21 Aug The World Cup 1930-2002 – Sharon Jones

19 Aug Stand Athletic FC – Sharon Jones

20 AugFootball: The People’s Game – Sharon Jones

19 Aug Bob-a-man – Trent Morris

17 Aug The Anfield Iron – Sharon Jones

10 Aug Barry Joy – One of Our Own – NCFC – S B Ingle

6 Aug Fulham’s Finest – Ianthe Exall

3 Aug Vintage Clarets – Ode to Stan Ternent – Sharon Jones

25 May F.A.Cup Final – kevin halls

12 May Valley prayed 11.05.85 – Clik The Mouse       

11 May The Whole Stand Is On Fire.Bradford 11.05.85 – Crispin Thomas

8 May  Old Football Grounds – kevin halls

29 Apr  Crossflow Winds – Alex Saynor

29 Apr  Tom Finney Was Her Grandpa’s plumber – Simon Caplan

24 Apr  Cheers Dad. – kevin raymond

18 Apr Reflections on Spain (written in 2012) – ap staunton

15 Apr  Matthews in 1953 – Gacina Bozidar

11 Apr  the past remembered – Gacina Bozidar

6 Apr  Blanchflower – Christopher T. George

30 Mar  As I walked out on a Bank Holiday Monday – ap staunton

16 Mar  36 Goals ~ Hughie Gallagher – Keith Armstrong

15 Mar  There’s only two Roger Hunts – ap staunton

27 Feb  Passing Through – Eddie Gibbons

24 Feb The Revie Boys – Rob Atkinson

20 Feb  Come on you Royals! – mark merriman

11 Feb  At The Match With Your Dad (1960’s) – kevin halls

05 Feb  Searching for Wolves in Africa – Ianthe Exall

05 Feb  Football & Winter Green – Geoff Tabrah

02 Feb Leeds United 1970 – Wynn Wheldon

30 Jan The Magician-haiku – kevin halls

30 Jan A Lifelong Telly Football Non-Supporter – Karen Withecomb

29 Jan Summer of Love – Alex Saynor

19 Jan  Evening Kick Off On Cold Blow Lane – Bradford Middleton

17 Jan Running with the Wolves – Steve Hill

01 Jan The FA Cup – Geof Dawson



23 Dec  I Know I’d Play Football Again Trent Morris

13 Dec More Than a Game Ianthe Exall

11 Dec Raith Rovers Coca Cola Cup 1994 Fred Wigley

11 Dec Forest Green Rovers and WW1 Stuart Butler

09 Dec Nostalgia: A Snapshot of 1955   Graham Salter

06 Dec A Sixties Lad’s Christmas List    kevin halls

10 Oct Double Bill Eddie Gibbons

10 Oct I’ll Play On Trent Morris

05 Oct Coventry City-Sky Blue Years     Crispin Thomas

05 Oct  The Day We Won The Cup  kevin halls

28 Sep Walter Tull  Emdad Rahman

22 Sep The Greatest of them All  Ianthe Exall

24 Sep A Game of Football John Paul Kirkham

03 Sep Raith Rovers and the Highland Loch   Llew Beaton

01 July Give me the 60s The Spurs

14 Jun  Hand of God   Brian Bilston

29 May First Memory ~ Inside Outside – Graham Salter

26 May The day European football came to Connemara Peter Goulding

26 May Our Bob Bev Cornell

24 May West Germany and Montezuma’s Revenge   John J O’Connor

18  May Javier Zanetti – San Siro hero   Emdad Rahman

14 May An Upper Room in Westbourne Grove  Alex Saynor

11 May Remembering the Bradford City fire disaster-Emdad Rahman

14 Apr   The Net Result  Llew Beaton

11 Apr  I’ve Never Been Good At Football   Luke Innes

11 Apr   Bishop’s Park haiku Alex Saynor

27 Mar What Did We Do Before 5 live?    Crispin Thomas

24 Mar 1960’s-The Golden Age of Football-Haiku   kevin halls

24 Mar Hilderaldo Luiz Bellini: 1930-2014     Emdad Rahman

23 Mar Montalban and Kilbane   Gacina Bozidar

20 Mar When the Groundsman Rested   Alex Saynor

20 Mar   My Bloody Bilston Début Haiku Robbie Kennedy Bennett

20 Mar Life, Football and Mandela      Gacina Bozidar

16 Mar When the Groundsman Rested – Alex Saynor

21 Feb    ‘Keepers    S B Ingle

19 Feb    Hursty v Banksy haiku   Emdad Rahman

19 Feb     Pelé, Banks, Moore   Emdad Rahman

05 Feb Final Ties   Graham Salter

04 Feb One Morning at Battersea Funfair   Alex Saynor

03 Feb   Andrew Watson    Llew Beaton

01 Feb On the Tyneside Street where we lived John Oliver

27 Jan The Final Whistle/Echo Pink John  Oliver

07 Jan Broch an’ Roll Hugh Morris

03 Jan That Guy Dickie mark merriman


31 Dec Keegan two, Heighway one   kevin raymond

24 Dec Pride of Scotland Frank McKeown

16 Dec Crocked kevin raymond

13 Dec The Squad of ’64 Ianthe Exall

13 Dec Christmas 1914 Stuart   Butler

21 Nov The Knots in the Lace Ianthe Exall

19 Nov The Mighty Magyars kevin halls

12 Nov When The Dynamo Came By   Crispin Thomas

07 Nov Durban Derby Days Ianthe Exall

09 Aug I watched a match on Ceefax mark merriman

31 Jul Teenage Crush Karen Lindsay

25 Jul They Lived Down Our Street Andrew Detheridge

23 Jul A Walk in the Park for Parkin Robbie Kennedy Bennett

20 Jul Bickerstaff   Bryan Murphy

18 Jul The Name Of ‘Sailor’ Hunter   Robbie Kennedy Bennett

17 Jul   Bobby Hundreds   Anthony Arnott

15 May Claret and blue   Harry Orr

14 May Ghosts of legends    stuart ashworth

11 Apr   Hughie Curran Hung High   Robbie Kennedy Bennett

10 Apr   Who the hell are you ? The spurs poet

08 Mar Bring It Back    kevin halls

07 Mar John Lennon P Maguire

07 Mar Rock & Roll is the New Football   P Maguire

03 Mar The History Boys   P Maguire

03 Mar The Echoes of Childhood   P Maguire

03 Mar   Fine dreams of Heaven (A Liverpool Child)  P Maguire

03 Mar The Liverpool Way   P Maguire

14 A Scots Laddie Called Cameron Buchanan Robbie Kennedy Bennett

21 Jan Musings From An LCC* Changing Room   kevin raymond


26 Dec Christmas Eve Stuart Butler

24 Dec Christmas Truce of 1914   Emdad Rahman

05 Nov First Match (Trilogy) Phil Whyte

29 Sep   It’s a Man’s Game Football M’bet

27 Sep   Back to the 60’s kevin halls

25 Sep Totò Schillachi    Emdad Rahman

22 Sep Those Were The Days Phil Whyte

11 Sep Ron Tindall-Footie Cricket & More RIP 1935-2012 – Crispin Thomas

16 Aug   Sunderland 0– 2 Everton FA Cup QF 2011-12   Simon Moore

15 Aug   Plastic Pitch   Astro Turf

05 Jun    Here’s To The Team. (For My Wyatt) kevin raymond

01 Jun   Back In The Nineteen Fifties  Crispin Thomas

01 Jun The Early 1950s: “Seen but not Heard” – Stuart Butler

20 May  El Diego Nicholas Griffiths

20 May  King Eric the Red   Stan Warburton

02 Apr   Looking through old Scrapbooks and Annuals   kevin halls

01 Apr  Ginga Bob    terry oldham

31 Mar   R.I.P. Our Big Man   terry oldham

26 Mar   My Summer of Love (Molineux Days)  Steve Hill

24 Mar Memories of Wembley     mark merriman

15 Mar   He smokes cigars he drinks champagne   Lesley Palmer

13 Mar Waiting for Roy of The Rovers Crispin Thomas

05 Mar Shankly in the Sixties  Dachlan Cartwright

04 Mar    Roger Byrne Dachlan Cartwright

01 Mar   The Bridge of the ‘Rising Sun’   Apollo Gees

01Mar Oh for another few inches ! *    chris barber

29 Feb   The Birth of Everton   Dachlan Cartwright

26 Feb The Old Days    Dennis swift

13 Feb    Touchlines   Matthew Paul

13 Feb Boro Days louis spence

12 Feb     Bill ‘Dixie’ Dean   Dachlan Cartwright

07 Feb   The Battle of Wrexham   Dachlan Cartwright

16 Jan   Chalkie  mark merriman

10 Jan On being a Boro fan   louis spence

09 Jan Through a child’s eyes R Kydd

03 Jan   The Seventies, And Today S B Ingle

03 Jan Goalkeeper Don Mullan


31 Dec Oi Mister. Give It A Rest kevin raymond

30 Dec Mid Morning. St Stephens Day kevin raymond

23 Dec Dunlop and Macedo   Gacina Bozidar

21 Dec   LUFC 1987   Jason Stevens

20 Dec Let’s Get Physical   kevin raymond

07 Dec   The Hand of God   Matthew Paul

06 Dec That Carlos Alberto Goal   Chris Barber

25 Nov The Spion Kop Mike Bartram

17 Nov Down The Dell  Philip Douch

17 Nov Southampton’s Secret Factory   Philip Douch

02 Nov Giving the boots the boot    S B Ingle

29 Oct The Season We All Believed Billy Pendrill

28 Oct Jumpers 4 Goalposts 0 Clik the mouse

14 Oct Fifty years of Football kevin halls

10 Oct Knighted by a Wagstaffe Cross Robbie Kennedy Bennett

06 Oct 40 Years Of Motty Crispin Thomas

30 Sep Bill Shankly Emdad Rahman

28 Sep @ron ronnie ronaldo Ethan

20 Sep A Celebration kevin raymond

17 Sep Being a supporter of.. ron dixon

16 Sep Fifteen years   Peter Goulding

14 Sep René “El Escorpio” Higuita Emdad Rahman

12 Sep Land Mark Darren O’Keeffe

05 Sep Can You Hear That Emily Williams

04 Sep On Tommy Burns Patrick J. Murray

04 Sep The smells of Football   kevin halls

02 Sep Man of the People (Bill Shankly)    mike bartram

25 Aug Enfield Playing Fields 1989     Laurence Cotterell

25 Aug The Wind off the Thames    Mike Hopkins

01 Aug Jimmy Hill kevin halls

27 Jul In Awe Of Your Foe kevin raymond

27 Jul When Saturday came around.   John Oliver

20 Jul Hooked On A Feeling kevin raymond

09 Jul My introduction to a fantastic dream.    Stuart Ashworth

07 Jul Snatched Memory: Bobby Robson         Calvin Erlington

06 Jul The Glorious Fields of Anfield Road Mike Bartram

04 Jul   Now & Then kevin raymond

01 Jul    Ibrox   Calvin Erlington

21 Jun Paul McGrath Emdad Rahman

20 Jun Stan Bowles   Emdad Rahman

09 Jun Upon The Hands Of The Fans  Sudbourne Primary

03 Jun A Hero That Could Fly Mike Bartram

01 Jun Peter McParland Emdad Rahman

30 May The night Villa ruled Europe Emdad Rahman

29 May   Shoe shine Joe Cullen

29 May Made in London Kevin Francis

28 May There is a place   Kevin Nolan

26 MayThe way it used to be Kevin Francis

25 May Blow the whistle Kevin Francis

23 May   Roger Osborne broke my heart Kevin Francis

21 May The Fisherman’s Song  Mike Bartram

19 May Football Collections Jools Hampton

17 May The Sound of Music kevin raymond

16 May   An Ode to Walter Scott McGhee

15 May   The legendary Walter Smith Emdad Rahman

09 May Two heroes   Gacina Bozidar

08 May 1991-Gazza Stripped Laurence Cotterell

06 May I (almost) subbed Martin Chivers Laurence Cotterell

05 May Where the heck is Dennis Law?   Robbie Kennedy Bennett

01 May Song of the Old Sweeper Laurence Cotterell

30 Apr Laudrup The Danish Prince Emdad Rahman

30 Apr Jairzinho Emdad Rahman

25 Apr The real damned United kevin halls

19 Apr The halfwayline   terry oldham

25 Apr United in grief    Clik the mouse

22 Apr The Liverbird and our history    Stuart Ashworth

19 Apr André the Giant Darren  O’Keeffe

16 Apr Le Carré magique Emdad Rahman

06 Apr The Life of a Table Football Player Jools Hampton

31 Mar In Praise Of The Underdog kevin raymond

31 Mar Streets of the Boro Gordon Farrel

24 Mar Walking From Games Crispin Thomas

23 Mar The Away Game   kevin halls

22 Mar Ricky Villa’s solo moment   Emdad Rahman

18Mar Everton And Neretva Gacina Bozidar

06 Mar The Sky Blue Lament Jools Hampton

06 Mar The Rovers   Stuart Butler

03 Mar Nostaalja   S B Ingle

23 Feb Roy of the Rovers Jools Hampton

21 Feb Field Of Dreams Jimmy Whelan

15 FebThe Real Ronaldo Darren O’Keeffe

14 Feb Ronaldo (Luiz Nazario de Lima)    Emdad Rahma

14 Feb Young versus Old in Irwell Road Simon Icke

01 Feb The Smell of Panini Stickers Jools Hampton

30 Jan Saturday Afternoon Heaven. Jools Hampton

28 Jan Nat Lofthouse-The Legend . Ann Madden-Walsh

21 Jan A Lion Sleeps Tonight. jim dolbear

18 Jan The Lion of Vienna Nat Lofthouse   Emdad Rahman

16 Jan Tanka-1970 Tony Lewis-Jones

16 Jan Chris Lawler Lol Ross

16 Jan The Lion of Vienna kevin halls

16 Jan Sleeping Lion  Alan McKean

16 Jan No More A Wandering Nat Lofthouse Crispin Thomas

12 Jan Character Building?   kevin raymond

11 Jan The Once Special F.A.Cup John Oliver

11 Jan Saturday On The Somme Andy Lockett

10 Jan Early Retirement Package Emdad Rahman

10 Jan Brisbane Road   Steve White

09 Jan Kevin Keegan Picture Card Doug E Harper

07 Jan Burrows’ Ballon D’Or moment      Emdad Rahman

07 Jan Game of two halves Greg Freeman

06 Jan The Centre Circle of Life Kevin Yates

05 Jan Stadio Artemio Franchi1983   kevin raymond

03 Jan Ibrox disaster 1971   Emdad Rahman


29 Dec The Future of Football Andrew Detheridge

19 Dec Loftus Road ’82    Matthew Paul

12 Dec Roger Miller Traps Higuita   Emdad Rahman

12 Dec Those Were The Days kevin halls

01 Dec Proud to Wear the Shirts mark merriman

25 Nov Swapping Garrincha Kevin Halls

22 Nov I’m A Collector Get Me Out of Here    Crispin Thomas

18 Nov Any stickers to swap ? John Oliver

2 Oct  40 Years Of Motty    Crispin Thomas

21 Feb   Jimmy Greaves haikus – Crispin Thomas


10 Oct  The Beatles, Mods, Rockers & Football   kevin halls

29 May (2009) Under the Atomium (Heysel) – Mark Thomas

12 May (2009) Heysel And The Darkest Hour – Crispin Thomas


12 Dec  Hitching To A Game At Christmas    Crispin Thomas

23 Apr The Old Chicken Run  Gerry Lawrence

21 Apr Football’s First Lady. John Oliver

20 Apr   Rattles And Rosettes  Andy Lockett

08 Jan   Up For The Cup With Vince At Man U   Crispin Thomas

01 Jan   On The Death Of An Old Football Ground   Crispin Thomas


18 Dec  Among These Hills At Christmas Time   Crispin Thomas

28 Apr  In The Street    Crispin Thomas

03 Mar    Snow at Stoke City Haiku    Crispin Thomas

16 Feb   In The Sepia Vibe / Looking at an Old School Photo   Crispin Thomas


09 Dec Nostalgia: A Snapshot of 1955Graham Salter

24 Oct Old Boy at the Match  mark merriman

14 Oct Fans and Fools – For Kick It Out Albert Nyathi

12 Oct The Real Story of the 1970 World Cup Poet Shot

06 Oct When Saturday Came  Andy Lockett

06 Oct Molineux Eulogy   Andy Lockett

05 Oct The Gentleman Player-Vivian Woodward

30 Sep The Story of Vivian Woodward- Football’s Gentleman – Elaine Fearn

24 Jun My First Scarf Haiku    Crispin Thomas

20 May  Lily Parr & The Dick Kerr Ladies   Crispin Thomas

18 May Looking At A Photograph.. From 1955   Crispin Thomas

19 May The White Horse Final   Crispin Thomas

19 May   When The Dynamo Came By  Crispin Thomas

19 May   Upon The Hands Of Fans Crispin Thomas

19 May It Was Sixty Years Ago Today That The Russians Taught The

Blues To Playkevin john patrick raymond

20 May Climbing The Steps Haiku   Crispin Thomas

22 May  Like Matchsticks Haiku   Crispin Thomas

30 May The Ghost Of Bobby Moore!kevin john patrick raymond

05 May I Remember Days Not Long Ago! – kevin john patrick raymond

16 Apr Fiorentina versus Juventus circa 1983kevin john patrick ray

14 Apr The Shed!kevin john patrick raymond

29 Feb In The Middle Of The Shed Crispin Thomas

25 Feb Shed (Revisited 05)  Crispin Thomas


10 Aug  Who Remembers Heysel? – P Maguire

08 Jan Beautiful Game-toby jones

08 Jan They Made The People Happy –toby jones


19 Oct  Arthur Wharton – A Burning BlackStar -(1865-1930)-Crispin Thomas





12 Sep The Wrong End Of Life Crispin Thomas

22 Aug  Football Time Stuart Butler

12 Jul Shed   Crispin Thomas

12 Jun Why? (long version) Dennis Gould

12 Jun Referee Dennis Gould

21 Feb  Days of old   Dennis Swift

12 Feb LEBANON 3 KAZAKHSTAN 0 Stuart Butler

11 Jan Gloucester City 1960 Jim Dillon



Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2024/04/17/your-nostalgia-poems/